How to fit a fireplace in your living room

There’s nothing that beats the warmth, charm and enticement of a beautiful fireplace, especially when there’s a crackling fire inside and freezing weather on the outside. But sometimes that striking architectural piece in your living room can put a d…

10 December, 2021

8 Creative Fireplace Design Ideas to Warm Your Home

An attractive fireplace can really increase the character of your home. It is an eye-catching feature piece that should never be ignored.Perhaps your fireplace looks worse for wear and you need some inspiration? You’re at the right place.

20 October, 2021

Spectacular Modern Dining Rooms that Will Impress You

Modern dining rooms are as appealing and classy as their traditional alternatives, but what truly distinguishes them from the rest are the elements such as simplicity, maximization of function and space, and removal of unnecessary ornate details.

04 April, 2021

15 pretty patterns for a stylish living room

When imagining how we’ll be creating or redecorating a room, the placement of furniture and what kind of accessories we’d like to include are usually first on the list. And in the process we usually forget about one very important style weapon at our…

06 February, 2021

7 ways to arrange your living room sofas

Your living room layout depends on various factors, including the room’s size and shape, how many pieces you want to add, the number of people in your household, and where architectural features (like doors, windows, and fireplaces) have been placed.

28 November, 2020

8 vital rules of living room furniture placement

Has your living room seen better days in terms of style and/or layout? Is it a constant struggle just to get from one end of the room to another? Does it not provide you with as much style and comfort as you would like?Fortunately, here on homify we…

7 stylish ways to link your living room and patio

Nobody can judge you for deeming homes and gardens as two separate entities. However, clever professionals (i.e. Interior Designers, Architects, Gardeners… ) thinking way outside the box have made it possible (fun, even) to link indoor- and outdoor sp…

18 March, 2020

10 stylish ideas for an open-plan living room, dining room, and kitchen

For today’s modern and multi-versatile lifestyles, an open-plan layout (which usually consists of a living room, dining area, and kitchen) are nothing short of ideal. But it still requires a delicate dose of skill to make said open-plan space practic…

24 November, 2019

10 large living room ideas to fall in love with!

It's no secret that the living room is the main and most used room in any home. Usually located in the heart of a property, it naturally becomes a social hub that everybody enjoys convening and relaxing in, but the bigger the space, the more of a pro…

08 June, 2018

10 of the Best Modern Living Room Ideas

Your living room is the centre of your home and generally, is where you do the lion share of your socializing, which is why you want to make sure that it's as special as possible.

05 June, 2018