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Energy-Efficient Heating: How to Save on Heating Costs and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Although Houston may be known for its warm weather, we do need heat in winter from time to time. We also need hot water for showers and cooking. Heating bills can get high during the winter and you can end up wasting electricity.

06 October, 2023

11 bright tips for choosing your dining room lighting

Styling a dining room involves significantly more than pairing the right table and chairs (although that is quite crucial, too). Have you ever thought how your room’s lighting can affect… well, everything? Especially in a space like the much-loved di…

22 January, 2021

The homify guide to (perfectly) lighting your kitchen

Just like any other room in your home, your kitchen needs the ideal balance of lighting to make the space functional, practical and accessible – not to mention stylish! And considering the fact that modern-day kitchens have become the epitome of mult…

17 January, 2021

Lighten up your dark kitchen with these 12 tricks

In the perfect world, we’d all have spacious homes with the perfect amount of light, colors, furnishings, etc. In the real world, however, things look different, yet that doesn’t mean we don’t have the power to change things for the better.

03 January, 2021

Kitchen Creativity: How to light your kitchen island

It might not be every home that flaunts a welcoming island in its kitchen, but those fortunate enough to enjoy this spectacular creation certainly appreciate its many benefits.

20 July, 2020

Pendant lights over island installations: a new trend

There's a new trend exploding in the kitchen design world and it's installing pendant lights over island kitchen island counters. Pendant lighting is not only elegant, stylish and utterly incredible to behold, it also offers a very practical applicat…

24 March, 2018

Beautiful lights for every room of your house

Lighting is such a key element that can help you transform any home space from drab to dapper. With a beautiful lighting plan, you can accomplish a modish facelift for your stylish spaces.

01 March, 2018

Super easy tips to illuminate a dark house

Lighting a room is nothing optional, it is a necessity. Especially in the case of dark rooms, with little or no connection to the outside, lighting must be achieved, in addition to electric lamps, using light reflecting decorative elements and the fu…

05 January, 2018

A single detached house with an ingenious lighting concept

When designing an interior, it is not only about choosing the right furniture, decorations, materials or colors. There is much more to consider like the lightings and functionality of the house.

12 December, 2017

Lighten up your home with these 24 cool lamps!

Your interior designers & room decorators may not explicitly tell you so, but lighting makes a HUGE difference to the visual appeal of a space in addition to illuminating it.

02 November, 2017