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Kitchen articles, tips & information

Hygiene in the kitchen: 8 Things to keep in mind

Dining is one of the most important part in a household, especially for those who love socializing. Every night, you want to have a nice chat and enjoyable time with your family. Hence, a comfortable and complete kitchen is key to the house.

03 January, 2018

Love cooking? Inspire your inner chef with this dream kitchen

If you're something of a cooking enthusiast, then have we got a DREAM kitchen to show you today! Seriously, every whim and fancy for even the most professional of chefs has been accounted for here and in such a wonderfully beautiful way too.

01 January, 2018

26 small kitchens that prove size isn't everything!

Small kitchens don't have to be a stumbling block to amazing levels of functionality and style, but if you're a little unconvinced, we're about to prove it to you! We've found a range of finished projects, ranging from very small kitchens through to …

29 December, 2017

10 rustic kitchens that will unleash your inner cook

If you have long been a fan of rustic built-in kitchens, you might be interested to know that you won't need to ship in a kitchen planner from the Mediterranean in order to get the look just right! More and more, we are seeing built-in kitchen design…

28 December, 2017

5 wonderful ideas to jazz up small kitchens using glass doors

Oftentimes, furnishing & decorating a small kitchen while retaining its functional character fully poses a challenge for even the most creative of home experts. The increasing paucity of space in contemporary times AND the need to come up with a…

27 December, 2017

7 modern kitchen countertops you’ll love

Feel like doing a tour around the kitchen today? We got you! This little space in your house is where you create your magic potions, give wings to your imagination, be creative and experimental so as to satisfy your taste buds.

22 December, 2017

10 fantastic kitchens celebrating the country chic style

Today’s homify article walks you through 10 wonderful kitchens pimped up in the country chic style. A country setting has its own charm and every one of us has a different interpretation of it.

19 December, 2017

13 kitchens that are intrinsically connected to gardens

When it comes to designing a space for cooking in, any of the world's finest kitchen planners will tell you that it pays to have a counter area with a view, which is why so many people seem to have their brand new built-in kitchens at the back of the…

15 December, 2017

7 creative kitchen wall motifs

A great splashback or feature wall can make all the difference between a kitchen that looks ok and an outstanding contemporary kitchen that inspires everyone to revamp their own and today, we're going to show you some incredible designs! We think tha…

12 December, 2017

25 thiết kế nhà bếp thông minh và nhỏ gọn nhất bạn từng thấy

Với bất cứ thành viên nào trong một gia đình, phòng bếp luôn là khoảng không gian thật đặc biệt. Với trẻ nhỏ, đó là thế giới của đồ ăn ngon, của những cục kẹo ngọt hay chiếc bánh quy bí mật xinh xinh.

11 December, 2017