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Kitchen articles, tips & information

The homify guide to mixing kitchen countertop materials

You may have already seen it without even noticing – a kitchen made up of two different countertop styles. Heck, your very own kitchen might even be flaunting such a design! But while this may sound like an interior designer’s worst nightmare, comple…

20 February, 2021

Tips for Matching Your Interior When Picking Kitchenware

The kitchen is the heart of the home for most families. It's where meals are prepared, after-school debriefs are undertaken, and possibly even where the family eats together. In this center-point of your household, it's vital to create a space that's…

02 February, 2021

Tips for Picking Out Pet-Friendly Furniture

Picking out pet-friendly furniture is so much more than an investment in a couch or dining table that will withstand your pet’s scratches… It’s about showing your beloved fur, feathered, or finned friend that they’re a part of the family.

02 February, 2021

The homify guide to (perfectly) lighting your kitchen

Just like any other room in your home, your kitchen needs the ideal balance of lighting to make the space functional, practical and accessible – not to mention stylish! And considering the fact that modern-day kitchens have become the epitome of mult…

17 January, 2021

Lighten up your dark kitchen with these 12 tricks

In the perfect world, we’d all have spacious homes with the perfect amount of light, colors, furnishings, etc. In the real world, however, things look different, yet that doesn’t mean we don’t have the power to change things for the better.

03 January, 2021

9 tips to help you choose your best kitchen tiles

The facts are these: tiles can make or break a room, especially a kitchen that needs to be fully functioning, hygienic, and easy to clean at all times. Pick the wrong tiles and your kitchen design will just not come together.

05 December, 2020

How to make a single-wall kitchen work for you

Nobody wants to be told that their dream kitchen might not happen due to a space shortage. But just because your legroom is a little less than you’d like doesn’t mean you have to go without a delectably designed cooking zone.

06 November, 2020

7 fantastic wall covering ideas for your kitchen

When it comes to finishing your new kitchen with a real aplomb, you have to think about how you will decorate your walls. With so many wall covering options, finishes and wall claddings to choose from, it can be difficult to select just one idea, but…

31 October, 2020

How to choose the right kitchen island

Ask any professional Kitchen Planner and they’ll agree: the presence of a kitchen island immediately boosts your cooking space’s potential, versatility, and style. Well that is great and all, but how does one get to that point of enjoying the benefit…

27 October, 2020

Kitchen flooring ideas : 7 Materials to choose

The kitchen is one of the most used areas in the house and hardest-working rooms in, for that reason finding the best flooring for the kitchen can be one of the biggest challenges while equipping your dream home. Let’s consider this.

22 September, 2020