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Interior architecture articles, tips & information

How to divide an open-plan space: 9 ideas

Homes lower on dimensions benefit immensely from the absence of walls. Small apartments with an open-plan space layout help the owners have different functional spaces within the limited area.

Porcelain Vs. Ceramic tile: a detailed comparison

Tiles are a very popular option when we are looking to pimp up our home spaces, particularly bathrooms and kitchens. Not only floors but walls & wall segments can also be covered using tiles.

Transition Wood Floor to Tile Ideas

Transitioning from hardwood to tile flooring can look not only beautiful but also set a regular space apart from the rest. It can be elegantly completed and when planned well can simply be gorgeous throughout.

20 May, 2018

Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Inspire You

Most of us love our bathrooms, as this is where we get our day started or the place we go to unwind in a relaxing bath or invigorating shower to restore energy. But it’s not always that our bathrooms are the best place in our homes.

22 April, 2018

Transom windows: a useful design element

A transom window is positioned directly above the horizontal top frame of a window or door. Transom windows have been employed as key architectural elements since long. When ceilings were higher and heating & cooling systems more rudimentary,…

19 April, 2018

Gorgeous Kitchen Renovation in Potomac Maryland

The ideal house is inspirational for all families and yes, while you may already have your existing home, there may be features about it that limits its function and form in the broad sense.

01 April, 2018

11 stylish art deco interior design inspirations for your home!

The definition of Art deco is that of a magnificent era that has shaped the way we look at regular design by introducing a lavish sense of art and style for furniture, buildings, jewellery, clothes and even cars.

27 March, 2018

6 great ways to get the best look for your walls at home

The décor of your home says a lot about you as a person, and it gives your visitors as the sense of your style and creativity. What’s great about home décor is the fact that you can turn your living spaces into your perfect place.

21 March, 2018

Black interior doors: the new design trend

Black interior doors are making a serious splash in terms of new and exciting ways to add a little flair to otherwise understated and uneventful interior design schemes and what's more, they are being used in increasingly inventive and beautiful ways.

16 March, 2018

13 homes with stunning spacial transitions

Homes that can master the transitions between inside and outside spaces really do have it all, which is why interior designers and architects alike try to bring a little cohesive interplay into effect, wherever possible.

07 March, 2018