Various ways to solve problems of condensation in the house

A house mainly degrades due to problems in leakage and condensation. This article will concentrate specifically on the condensation problem. So what leads to this phenomenon? Condensation occurs when there is a severe temperature difference between i…

27 November, 2017

A simple yet stylish wooden house

When you think of a wooden house, you might automatically picture it to be a rustic countryside villa. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Studio architect STPMJ from Korea has created a charming wooden house by combining the natural materials…

25 November, 2017

20 Country homes that will have you waiving goodbye to the city

We like to think that most people either dream of moving to the country, retiring away from the city or at least owning a vacation home that is found in a more rural setting and with these dreams in mind, we have some stunning country properties to s…

21 November, 2017

5 small homes that prove size isn't everything

It's easy to get caught up in the mindset that only a large house can offer all the space that we actually need, but when you see the small homes that we've selected for you today, we think you'll agree that a cozy home could be more than enough! Arc…

10 November, 2017