10 small houses – and 10 reasons for loving them

Some people are just naturally attracted to smaller structures and spaces. This can be due to a variety of reasons (like budget and lifestyle choices), but for the most part a lot of these homeowners and renters just happen to know about the many adv…

26 August, 2020

10 American dream houses to inspire you

Thanks to the wonder of technology, we’ve all seen representations of a classical American neighborhood. Think about those white picket fences, freshly cut lawns, and shiny new cars boasting in those driveways.

10 July, 2020

What are the benefits of living in a one-floor home?

It’s a common problem shared by many homebuyers: will a single-storey home be sufficient for my family’s needs, or do we need to move up another level? Keep in mind that the traditional American home layout usually includes shared spaces on the groun…

12 April, 2020

Trends 2020: Dulux’s colors for next year!

It’s that time of year – no, not when year-end holidays are being planned, but when professionals in the design industry (including Interior Designers and Decorators) foretell what will be “hot” for the year ahead in terms of design trends and colors.

30 November, 2019

6 remodeling ideas that can increase your home's value

As the current real estate market is a bit unpredictable, more and more homeowners have decided to put their plans of selling their houses on hold. Very smart move! But what can you do in the meantime? Certainly not just sit around and wait for thing…

18 November, 2019

7 modern homes to inspire your next build

According to history, modern architecture originated in Europe and moved to other parts of the world, including the US across the pond, during early and mid-20th century. This design style gained popularity after the 2nd world war, most notably by ar…

28 September, 2019

10 creative examples for dividing small spaces

With space crunch becoming a real issue, contemporary housing is increasingly focusing on small homes. The houses that we see in the modern times are no bigger than what you need them to be and that is why a lot of experts find it challenging to…

30 June, 2018

10 small house designs that break preconceptions about small size

If you are among those who consider small homes uncomfortable, this homify article may change your mind to an extent. Oftentimes a small house tends to be undervalued due to the dimensions listed on the floor plan, even though it has many advantages…

Things you must consider when designing a container house

With housing prices soaring the world over, we wanted to take a look at how talented architects in other countries, such as Korea, have been offering better value, comfortable spaces and chic design for their clients and we think we've found the answ…

18 May, 2018

How to stage a house prior to selling

Staging a house is a fantastic way to guarantee either a better sale price or a faster rental process and while there are a host of terrific professional staging companies out there, not everybody can account for the extra cost, which is why this gui…

11 April, 2018