Everything you need to know about exterior house painting

When it comes to decorating a house, it can be shockingly easy to focus all your attention on painting interior walls, but there is another element to think carefully about as well; your exterior surfaces! Choosing the right color, style and finish f…

31 January, 2018

These 13 examples beautifully show that less is more!

Small apartments are generally considered inconvenient residential choices owing to the pre-conceived notions of inefficiency. Of late, the increasing paucity of spaces, particularly in urban areas, has led to housing experts & their clients…

11 January, 2018

A beautiful modern home rich in functionality

It is not easy to design an original house that is great in both, appearance and functionality. Fortunately, our architects are extremely experienced in creating buildings that fully meet the needs of their owners, and the best part is that the build…

09 January, 2018

9 country homes to escape to this Winter

This homify article brings to you 9 wonderful country homes, that offer a comfy bucolic sanctum away from the chilly environs of your plush home sitting in a white snowy blanket.

06 January, 2018

5 prefabricated houses on the outside and inside

The craze of prefabricated houses is on a high these days. The cost effectiveness and the amount of time that it saves make prefabricated houses a great choice among the young generation.

06 January, 2018

Super easy tips to illuminate a dark house

Lighting a room is nothing optional, it is a necessity. Especially in the case of dark rooms, with little or no connection to the outside, lighting must be achieved, in addition to electric lamps, using light reflecting decorative elements and the fu…

05 January, 2018

Cozy bungalow with plenty of glass

When a bungalow comes to mind, you might automatically picture a simple house built with bricks and stones. Today, we are going to show you an extraordinary bungalow apartment.

05 January, 2018

This exotic country side villa will drench your senses in calmness

Struggling in the daily city hustle bustle, you deserve a break from the monotonous daily routine and rush. This country side villa exudes peace, calm and serenity to rejuvenate your senses and regain your dose of fresh air.

04 January, 2018

A mobile wooden home with a surprisingly spacious interior

We know what you're thinking; that mobile homes are never comfortable or spacious and while that may have been true, back in the day, now, we are seeing a new influx of modern prefabricated buildings that offer so much more in terms of space and styl…

30 December, 2017

8 truly SPECTACULAR American home styles

Architects throughout the US are really upping their game in terms of the fantastic and enticing projects that they are seeing through to completion, but if you think that Colonial traditional family homes are the only things they are associated with…

30 December, 2017