How to stage a house prior to selling

Staging a house is a fantastic way to guarantee either a better sale price or a faster rental process and while there are a host of terrific professional staging companies out there, not everybody can account for the extra cost, which is why this gui…

11 April, 2018

Say si si to Spanish style homes: 6 key features

While traditionally Mediterranean homes aren't yet the norm in the US, there has been a serious increase in the popularity of Spanish colonial revival properties or even simple and contemporary buildings that just seek to showcase some key Spanish co…

01 April, 2018

5 Bay Area ranch-houses that will take your breath away!

If you thought that ranch homes were nothing more than unremarkable wooden chalets, with plain log walls and masses of stabling, this homify article is exactly what you need to shake off that preconception right away.

20 March, 2018

Understanding Craftsman style homes

It's not just talented architects that can appreciate the skill and vision that goes into creating perfect Craftsman homes, but what exactly is it about this particular style of architecture that makes it so perpetually popular? Craftsman home design…

13 March, 2018

7 beautifully modern houses and their plans

Despite the master craftsmanship of expert architects & thoughtful implementation of exquisite designs, the task of building a new house is oftentimes a challenging one. A tasteful mix of the apt designs, elegant palette, stylish materials, comfy…

03 March, 2018

Here is everything you wanted to know about apartments!

This homify article offers a sneak peek into the modish world of apartments. With a huge variety of types & styles of interior design, contemporary apartments offer a multitude of options to have one’s choicest sanctum of jazzy repose.

26 February, 2018

15 new builds that will make you want to buy land

We know that the idea of commissioning an architect to design you a house can seem like a big and scary undertaking, but when you see what the process can gain you, it's worth gathering your courage and taking the plunge! Whether you want something s…

16 February, 2018

Everything you need to know about exterior house painting

When it comes to decorating a house, it can be shockingly easy to focus all your attention on painting interior walls, but there is another element to think carefully about as well; your exterior surfaces! Choosing the right color, style and finish f…

31 January, 2018

A beautiful modern home rich in functionality

It is not easy to design an original house that is great in both, appearance and functionality. Fortunately, our architects are extremely experienced in creating buildings that fully meet the needs of their owners, and the best part is that the build…

09 January, 2018

9 country homes to escape to this Winter

This homify article brings to you 9 wonderful country homes, that offer a comfy bucolic sanctum away from the chilly environs of your plush home sitting in a white snowy blanket.

06 January, 2018