This exotic country side villa will drench your senses in calmness

Struggling in the daily city hustle bustle, you deserve a break from the monotonous daily routine and rush. This country side villa exudes peace, calm and serenity to rejuvenate your senses and regain your dose of fresh air.

04 January, 2018

8 truly SPECTACULAR American home styles

Architects throughout the US are really upping their game in terms of the fantastic and enticing projects that they are seeing through to completion, but if you think that Colonial traditional family homes are the only things they are associated with…

30 December, 2017

5 awesome vacation homes to ring in the New Year

The holiday season is round the corner and we are already neck-deep in our vacation plans. Christmas & New Year holidays are the time when we unwind and relax with our loved ones, far from the mundane hustle-bustle.

13 December, 2017

10 spectacular one-storey houses

We LOVE single-storey houses, especially when they are designed to be the living end in modern home styling, which is why we wanted to show you a host of incredible homes today.

09 December, 2017

15 great ideas to make small homes look bigger!

These days with the increasing paucity of space, professional home experts are faced with the tricky task of imparting proper functionality within the limited space. Architectural boundaries oftentimes make it a challenge for interior…

07 December, 2017

6 small apartments you can't miss (from 650 - 1000 sqft)

Oftentimes the term “modern apartment” is quite reductive in usage. But of late, a contemporary style of interior architecture can be in line with various types of design- minimalist, Scandinavian, shabby chic, eclectic, etc.

04 December, 2017

A traditional yet modern family house

The house we will be showing you today is combined with both modern and traditional characteristics. It is a classic single-family cottage with two floors, a black pitched roof and white exterior.

28 November, 2017

6 advantages to one-storey living

So, here's a question for all of you that currently live in beautiful bungalow homes: what are the advantages and disadvantages of living on the ground floor? Other people might call it one-storey living, but either way, we want to know what really a…

28 November, 2017

Various ways to solve problems of condensation in the house

A house mainly degrades due to problems in leakage and condensation. This article will concentrate specifically on the condensation problem. So what leads to this phenomenon? Condensation occurs when there is a severe temperature difference between i…

27 November, 2017

20 Country homes that will have you waiving goodbye to the city

We like to think that most people either dream of moving to the country, retiring away from the city or at least owning a vacation home that is found in a more rural setting and with these dreams in mind, we have some stunning country properties to s…

21 November, 2017