13 Top Home Improvement Tips For 2021

A home is one of the most prized possessions a person can own in their lifetime. With its coveted status, a property deserves to be upgraded from time to time to maintain its homely and appealing feel.

03 March, 2021

Choosing your home’s new roof

We all know that roofs are quite important, but how many of us are aware of the different types of materials and finishes that are available in roof format? And yes, while a roof can also bestow some extra style on a property, its main aim should be…

07 January, 2021

Should you BUY or BUILD your home?

There is something magical about walking into an existing, empty house and dreaming about where you can place your furnishings, what colors you will splash on the walls, etc. Then again, building instead of buying your own home can present more desig…

09 December, 2020

3 Reasons To Conduct Pest Inspections Before Buying A New Home

If you’re in the market for a new home, home inspections are critical as it’ll provide information to help facilitate your mortgage loans and any other processes involved. This is why it’s important to hire professionals like Danny Kelly, recommends…

5 things you must prepare yourself for if you're buying a house

Getting a house of your own is probably the biggest dream of every man. Your safe haven is supposed to be the place which is cherished for a lifetime and you would definitely want to get one with no regrets.

11 November, 2020

20 cool houses with a flat roof design

Ask any architect and they'll tell you that hardly any other type of architecture is as timeless and modern as that of flat roof houses. It should come as no wonder, then, that these are experiencing a serious comeback right now! Regardless of how ne…

29 October, 2020

10 ways to boost your home’s curb appeal

If thinking about your house exteriors causes you to wince, it might be time to re-evaluate the amount of style and functionality your home exudes from the outside – in other words, curb appeal.

29 October, 2020

9 cheap renovating tips to up your house’s resale value

Nothing’s built to last forever, including our houses. Thus, if your residence has been starting to look a little drab lately, perhaps it’s time to consider some fresh (and inexpensive) upgrades? And we have just the list to inspire you…  

30 August, 2020

10 small houses – and 10 reasons for loving them

Some people are just naturally attracted to smaller structures and spaces. This can be due to a variety of reasons (like budget and lifestyle choices), but for the most part a lot of these homeowners and renters just happen to know about the many adv…

26 August, 2020

10 American dream houses to inspire you

Thanks to the wonder of technology, we’ve all seen representations of a classical American neighborhood. Think about those white picket fences, freshly cut lawns, and shiny new cars boasting in those driveways.

10 July, 2020