Designing Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

The desire to be outdoors as much as possible that Spring brings about, can be fulfilled by enjoying the outdoors of your own house, from the large gardens to the balconies and decks, however spacious they might be.

Post-winter gardening tips (15) to start right now

Winter is still firmly in the air, which means now is the time for all gardeners to start getting their green spaces ready for spring. But of course this should be seen as a pleasure and not a chore, considering that early prepping means you can enjo…

14 February, 2021

10 winter-prepping tips for your garden

With that year-end holiday practically winking at us already, most of us are looking forward to just relaxing. But is shutting your garden gate for the entire chilly December what you ought to be doing? Definitely not!How easy it will be to pick up y…

03 December, 2020

What materials can be used for garden fences?

We all know the importance of privacy and security, but those shouldn’t be your only two reasons for erecting a garden fence. Luckily, a fence isn’t your only option in case you feel like sprucing up your outdoor space with an extra structure, as the…

15 November, 2020

10 ways to boost your home’s curb appeal

If thinking about your house exteriors causes you to wince, it might be time to re-evaluate the amount of style and functionality your home exudes from the outside – in other words, curb appeal.

29 October, 2020

Don’t start indoor gardening without these 10 tips

While most of us love the idea of indoor plants, not all of us have the resources (or skills, or time) to kick-start our own indoor gardens. Indoor gardens definitely present numerous benefits to homeowners, especially ones not privy to great, big ya…

27 August, 2020

Shun the sun: 7 ways to add more shade to your garden

Whether you use your outdoor socializing space for catching up with friends or getting lost in a good book (or some daydreaming), its exterior location doesn’t mean that you necessarily want to soak up some sun.

20 June, 2020

7 ways to get your garden into summer mode

As the temperature continues to climb, more and more of us are looking to welcome back the warmer weather by sprucing up our living spaces. And that includes our exterior zones as well, especially those prone to festive socializing, like gardens and…

13 June, 2020

8 vital elements to create your own Mediterranean garden

There’s something undeniably romantic and tranquil about a Mediterranean-style garden. Those vibrant terracotta pots, deliciously textured gravel pathways, and vine-laden pergolas immediately conjure up images of a sunny, lazy holiday.

25 March, 2020

7 quick and easy landscaping for your front yard

Let’s not beat around the bush: owning a home with a yard/garden can be a lot of work and work out quite costly. But that is no excuse to let those weeds run amok and overtake your entire yard, front or back.

23 February, 2020