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12 Great ideas for a modest backyard

Every part of your house has a function of its own. While you are pouring most of your effort in creating the best living interior, you might actually forget about the backyard of your house.

09 June, 2018

These smashing backyard ideas are hot and happening!

Blessed with extra outdoor space at the rear end of your home? You can convert it into your choice of recreational zone with a little bit of creativity. Whether you are aiming to conserve water, cut down on time spent mowing & weeding, or just…

21 April, 2018

15 wonderful floor ideas for your patio & the garden

This homify article will offer you 15 great floor ideas that you can employ in the outdoor spaces like the garden, the courtyard, the patio and even at the entrance of your home.

04 March, 2018

10 plants that are perfect for your living room

No matter how much you’ve changed the design of your interior, the decorations and styles, there might still be something that feels lacking and unsatisfying. Have you considered placing some greenery in your house then? Places with insufficient natu…

13 December, 2017

24 stylish garden fences for privacy with a difference

When it comes to different types of fences for your garden, we think we are found the ultimate selection to show you today. The last thing you need is to see a paltry selection that doesn't really demonstrate the breadth of the possibilities properly…

29 October, 2017

15 garden fences your neighbors will be desperate to copy!

When it comes to choosing the perfect fences for garden areas there are so many things to take into account, not least which styles will make your neighbors the most envious! We're joking, of course, but any landscape architect will tell you that gar…

22 October, 2017

10 low-cost ways to improve your garden

Making over a garden can seem like a heck of a feat, not to mention bringing about a big expense to bear as well, but if we told you that we have 10 amazing tips for giving your garden extra pizazz for little money, you'd be interested, right? Well w…

19 October, 2017

15 small yards with some big ideas to copy

Small patios are nothing to bemoan, as they offer amazing scope for transformation, just like any far larger garden and landscape architects are fully aware of this! Having taken up the mantle to create beautiful slices of outdoor space for their cli…

08 October, 2017

7 impressive pergola ideas to deck up your garden

The concept of Pergolas has been around since antiquity when they served as an extension to majestic villas and as a support for creepers in the garden. In the classical sense, a pergola stands in front of a residential construction & is an…

06 October, 2017

25 ways to make more of decorative small gardens

Not everybody can have a gargantuan garden that is ready to be transformed into a veritable Garden of Eden, but that doesn't mean that small spaces can't be wonderfully pretty and eye-catching.

05 October, 2017