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7 ways to arrange your living room sofas

Your living room layout depends on various factors, including the room’s size and shape, how many pieces you want to add, the number of people in your household, and where architectural features (like doors, windows, and fireplaces) have been placed.

28 November, 2020

10 considerations when buying a new bathtub

Not fully satisfied with your current bathtub? Is a bathroom renovation in your immediate future? Then rejoice, for today we are sharing with you the 10 most important considerations when buying a new tub.

25 November, 2020

7 decorating ideas for those on a budget

With high-end style comes high-end budgets – at least, that is what most people still believe. Well, today we’re sharing the good news (again) that even budget-friendly decorating ideas can still cause a style stir.

25 September, 2020

Our 7-step guide to achieving eclectic design

Some love it. Others fear it, yet are strangely drawn to its concept. We are talking about the eclectic design style and how its uniqueness has been styling up interiors for quite a few decades now.

23 September, 2020

8 vital rules of living room furniture placement

Has your living room seen better days in terms of style and/or layout? Is it a constant struggle just to get from one end of the room to another? Does it not provide you with as much style and comfort as you would like?Fortunately, here on homify we…

24 May, 2020

Stay stylish with these 6 interior design trends for 2020

With every year there’s a new batch of design ideas considered “hot”, “in”, or just plain trendy – and 2020 is no exception. And since this is homify, we’ve kept our ears firmly on the ground to ensure you (whether you’re a devoted trend follower or…

05 December, 2019

Create a comfortable reading nook with these 10 seating ideas!

Whether it is a corner of your living room, the window-side seat of your private study, a small part of the attic room, a garden seat or a mini lounging area in the family room, a cozy reading nook is an added advantage and a guilty pleasure that no…

6 furniture styles you really need to consider in 2018

2018 looks set to be the year of more adventurous interior design choices, which is why we really want to show you some of the more fabulous furniture styles that are rising to prominence right now! Whether you're thinking about updating a classic be…

18 sofa selections that will have you feeling spoilt for choice

The living room is the natural center of any home and as such, it's absolutely critical that you give a lot of consideration to the sofa that you select. It's no good simply choosing something in a coordinated color , with enough seats for everyone i…

06 May, 2018

Ensure the apt end table height for homey visual harmony

End tables are seating accompaniments generally placed next to a sofa/ couch in the living room and beside the headboard in the bedroom. Mostly overlooked, these low-key elements are quite important to the overall appearance & function of the…

29 April, 2018