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How to Transform Bay Window Seating with Beautiful Bespoke Cushions

A bay window is an elegant and distinctive architectural detail that adds character to a house. It possesses inherent beauty and charm that captivates the eye and elevates the atmosphere in any room.

27 May, 2023

10 Benefits of the Ever-so-versatile French Daybed Modular Sofas

Most modern homes use sectional sofas because they save space and offer comfortable seating, whether for entertaining guests in the living room or lounging and watching television in the family room.

05 May, 2023

Made in Hong Kong and Delivered Worldwide: How Lila & Lin Make Customization Easy

Most people shy away from ordering custom-designed furniture and accessories online as it comes with the risk of the final product not meeting expectations regarding quality, color, and dimensions.

18 January, 2023

7+ Types of Coffee Tables & How to Decorate Them

As many people would argue, your living room space can easily feel “empty” without a coffee table. As simple or stylish as it can get, the basic furniture item can go a long way in elevating your interior design, while also adding functionality.

29 August, 2022

Coolest Benches For Every Space | 11 Ideas and Designs to Recreate

Benches never come in the first line of thought when we are thinking of interior or exterior furniture while doing up a space. But come to think of it, benches are everywhere—in the bedroom, in the living room, gardens, terrace, study, offices, kit…

31 May, 2021

20 Stylish Balcony Ideas You Can Recreate

If you live in the city, a balcony space is the most sought after, and for many who don't have it, it is still just a dream. Whether you have a large balcony or a small one, having one alone should be reason enough to make it a perfect hangout spot f…

17 May, 2021

10 Gorgeous White Bathtub Designs and Ideas To Recreate at Home

It is an established fact that white is far from basic. In fact, the classic white can be anything from calm, elegant, luxurious, simple, lavish, chic, easy, comforting, royal. White is a whole mood in itself.

08 May, 2021

7 ways to arrange your living room sofas

Your living room layout depends on various factors, including the room’s size and shape, how many pieces you want to add, the number of people in your household, and where architectural features (like doors, windows, and fireplaces) have been placed.

28 November, 2020

10 considerations when buying a new bathtub

Not fully satisfied with your current bathtub? Is a bathroom renovation in your immediate future? Then rejoice, for today we are sharing with you the 10 most important considerations when buying a new tub.

25 November, 2020

7 decorating ideas for those on a budget

With high-end style comes high-end budgets – at least, that is what most people still believe. Well, today we’re sharing the good news (again) that even budget-friendly decorating ideas can still cause a style stir.

25 September, 2020