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6 ideas on how to display your home accessories

Accessorizing your home can be loads of fun and it gives you the unique liberty to showcase your personal taste and design preferences. Accessories are the smaller items you use in your home that can accentuate a theme, texture and add color.

26 July, 2018

The ultimate guide to understanding engineered wood floors

Choosing the right flooring for every room in the home doesn't have to be a challenge, as professional floorers are now singing the praises of some innovative and stylish options that fall under the mantle of engineered wood floors.

Organize your clothes: 10 creative and effective ways to store and hang your clothes

When it comes to clothes and storage, sometimes we have to be creative, especially if space in our homes is scarce. No-one wants visible clutter, but keeping things hidden can sometimes be a problem—especially if you have a lot of clothes, shoes an…

22 June, 2018

Subway tiles: classic way to inject an urban look into your home

Originally so called because they were first introduced as standard wall surface cover in New York subway train stations in the early 1900s, subway tiles are traditionally characterized by their flat, white & glossy glazed surfaces and pencil-thi…

5 homes that prove that less is more

We know that not everybody can get onboard with the idea of a seriously cool minimalist family home, but that doesn't mean that one of the underlying principles of the aesthetic can't be adopted by more of us! We've all heard the saying 'less is more…

Calming colors that will perfect your home

Ask any respected interior designer and they'll tell you that color psychology is a very real thing and is being used throughout homes these days to incredible effect. That's pretty much all the confirmation we need, but looking a little deeper into…

9 wall storage ideas that you need to try

Your walls might be an untapped resource of home organization and storage, if you aren't putting them to great use but we want to help you unlock their full potential! Interior designers that frequently work with small properties, for example, in New…

10 amazing ideas to utilize the space under the sink for storage

A small apartment mandates a smart design that offers plentiful practicality in a neat & visually sound manner. This means that the furniture, furnishings, decor as well as storage convenience need to be arranged sans a chaotic/ dingy look.

Making use of every inch: 21 wardrobe ideas you cannot miss

Are you looking for a new wardrobe? Choosing one that matches the bedroom while fulfilling your own taste is difficult, especially when houses nowadays are very small and limited in space.

06 June, 2018

How to turn the smallest spaces into the coziest places (6 easy tricks!)

We can't all be lucky enough to have great big sprawling estates with vast rooms ready to decorate, which means that we need to get a little more, how should we say… creative! Of course, there are a number of interior designers, such as those in New…

28 May, 2018