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Scandinavian chic: get the look!

There are a few trends that look set to carry on long into 2018 and we are willing to bet that Scandinavian chic is one of them! Thanks to the clean lines, fresh colors and injections of fun that this style offers, interior designers have been able t…

20 November, 2017

Christmas holiday decorating essentials 101!

It's very nearly the most wonderful time of the year and by that, we mean Christmas! Now then, we know we don't need to teach you how to suck eggs, nor how to decorate your home for the holidays, but we do want to give you a heads up as to the most f…

19 November, 2017

How to properly care for your houseplants

Not all of us are blessed with green fingers like professional gardeners and as such, choosing to add houseplants to a property can seem like a daunting idea, but with some simple care instructions you'll soon be cultivating some beautiful home acces…

17 November, 2017

Add more rustic flair to your home with these 15 ideas!

Today’s homify article offers you 15 wonderful ideas that no interior designer will share with you without charging a hefty fee. This article brings to you 15 easy ways in which you can ring in the rustic feel into your home, irrespective of its styl…

17 November, 2017

12 elegant ideas for styling up your home

Decorating a house is a long process, but we think we can break it down into more manageable chunks and easy to follow tips, by observing what professional decorators seek to do for their clients.

16 November, 2017

Refreshing your home with a touch of gray

It's no secret that gray has been THE color for a while now, but if you're wondering how you can incorporate it into your home to give it something of a little refresh, you're in the right place! We've always loved gray for the simple fact that it of…

15 November, 2017

8 brilliant ideas for your basement

We don't want you to overlook the potential that your basement has to offer, in terms of adding an unusual and secret haven to your home. Yes, we know that a lot of people could do with an extra bedroom or two, but let's sidestep all the practicality…

14 November, 2017

10 cheap ideas to decorate your house

Decorating and furnishing a home is no easy task, especially when your budget is low. However, there are several ways to create the environment you want at a low cost. Of course, it will be much easier to just hire someone and not bother about the mo…

13 November, 2017

How to master beautiful boiserie

Let's keep things really simple and start by telling you what boiserie actually is. As you might have guessed, it's a French technique, used by interior designers to give blank or plain walls a little more pizazz and character.

12 November, 2017

Fireplaces that really turn up the heat!

Call us old fashioned, but we don't think that anything finishes a room quite so beautifully as a roaring fire and it looks as though interior designers agree with us! We've found a host of utterly stylish and beautiful living rooms, each of which ha…

11 November, 2017