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20 Stylish Balcony Ideas You Can Recreate

If you live in the city, a balcony space is the most sought after, and for many who don't have it, it is still just a dream. Whether you have a large balcony or a small one, having one alone should be reason enough to make it a perfect hangout spot f…

17 May, 2021

Wood fired pizza ovens for your outdoor area by furniture and accessories company in Tampa

Who doesn’t love pizza?! Nothing beats the smoky flavor that an outdoor wood fired pizza oven delivers. When building a house or a patio, if you are a real foodie, one of the features to consider for your outdoor area is a wood fired pizza oven.

25 April, 2019

Cleaning guide: how to clean your glass shower doors properly?

Keeping a bathroom spotless can seem like a mammoth task and not one that is likely to top the 'enjoyable chores' list for anyone, but hard water stains can take hold quickly and usurp all the hard work that a bathroom designer has put into creating…

01 May, 2018

Life hacks: how to declutter for a better life

It's a well known fact that taking the time to complete a proper declutter every now and then will lead to a more productive and beautiful home, but recent studies suggest that there's an added bonus; a better life! Ask any interior designer and they…

02 April, 2018

How to clean outdoor cushions

Crafting a delightful outdoor space in the form of a stylish and sunny patio is an endeavour well worth committing to, but it does require a certain level of commitment to upkeep and maintenance.

25 March, 2018

25 inspired ways to use bicarbonate of soda in your home

Professional cleaning teams make it all look so easy. We're talking about getting a gleaming home, of course, but if you don't have the budget to hire the pros, you might like to know how you can get the same results, using a store cupboard staple an…

11 March, 2018

8 simply amazing DIY ideas to add a stylish touch to your home!

Revamping the home & injecting more personality into it does not necessarily mean having to make drastic changes and incur huge expenditures. Room decorators & interior designers agree that irrespective of the style of interior design, a…

14 February, 2018

A step-by-step guide to creating a plasterboard wall

Before we get started with our guide for creating a feature drywall or plasterboard wall, let us include a little disclaimer here by saying that we are not highly experienced construction professionals.

10 February, 2018

10 things people with a clean house always do

A cluttered home will undoubtedly be an eyesore, regardless of the place or context. Ideally, we all want a neat and tidy house or apartment. This becomes all the more prominent in small houses or apartments, which are increasingly popular in our con…

31 January, 2018

10 easy steps to declutter your home

De-cluttering is an integral part & parcel of cleaning up the home. None of us needs a professional expert to tell us that an untidy home with sundry belongings strewn around is absolutely unsightly & depressing.

24 January, 2018