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11 bright tips for choosing your dining room lighting

Styling a dining room involves significantly more than pairing the right table and chairs (although that is quite crucial, too). Have you ever thought how your room’s lighting can affect… well, everything? Especially in a space like the much-loved di…

22 January, 2021

Which kitchen layout is best for you (and your home)?

Enticing scents and socializing aside, any kitchen is, first and foremost, a working zone. That means that the heart of every home, regardless of its chosen design style, needs to present a space ideal for moving about, getting busy with a range of c…

06 June, 2020

7 design pointers to decorate your dining room

From a stand-alone dining zone to a welcoming open-plan layout, a home’s dining room remains a space that should always be practical, functional and beautiful – no matter how many (or few) times you use it.

19 April, 2020

10 stylish ideas for an open-plan living room, dining room, and kitchen

For today’s modern and multi-versatile lifestyles, an open-plan layout (which usually consists of a living room, dining area, and kitchen) are nothing short of ideal. But it still requires a delicate dose of skill to make said open-plan space practic…

24 November, 2019

22 open dining spaces that you're going to find delicious

When you love your food, you need to have a lovely dining area too to enjoy it to its full capacity. A warm and bright dining room will make the appetite soar and the food more appetizing.

03 January, 2018

These dining tables are perfect for family gatherings!

Holiday season is already at the doorstep and all of us are busy in our preparations for a gala time with the near & dear ones. Cleaning up the home, updating the furniture, beautifying the home spaces, gifting one another and stocking up the…

25 December, 2017

How do I choose chairs to go with my dining table?

In order to create a beautiful dining room, you really need to consider every facet of your furniture choices properly and by that, we mean that your chairs are JUST as important as your table.

26 November, 2017

How to choose chairs for your dining table

If you think that picking out chairs for your dining room table is a doddle as you simply plump for the ones that match, think again! Interior designers are desperate to get people out of this lazy decorating habit and we agree with them, which is wh…

20 October, 2017

10 Beautiful dining room table designs

The dining space of your house is where you get to spend delectable moments with your family and friends and indulge in heart to heart conversations. As you sit around the table, you munch on goodies and exchange news, ideas, hopes and dreams.

14 October, 2017

12 perfect dining rooms for the 12 Zodiac signs!

Today’s homify feature is special as today we are going to show you 12 wonderful dining rooms, each following the peculiar characteristics of a particular Zodiac sign. The dining room is an environment where we share pleasant moments, both with the…

13 October, 2017