8 steps to design your child’s own study room

These days, finding a suitable spot at home to work, study and be productive is more important than ever. But don’t discount the younger generation who also require a quiet and comfy spot for doing homework.

22 November, 2020

The homify guide to creating your kids’ ideal homework space

If your little one is unmotivated when it comes to homework, it could be time for you to craft a place dedicated exclusively to them and study time. Just think about what you deem as essential when working at the office or in your study – no distract…

10 of the coolest kids rooms you'll ever see

We like to think that we've seen some of the most amazing modern kid's bedrooms ever, but have you? Just in case you're looking for some inspiration for a revamp of your little one's space, we wanted to show you 10 of our all-time favorite designs, e…

09 January, 2018

Nursery design ideas to earn you cool parent points!

If you are looking to the future and see a new addition to the family coming soon, then it's time to start thinking about how you will create the perfect nursery! You don't just want a plain, un-engaging space that your little ones won't love, plus,…

17 June, 2017

12 funky kids bedrooms that will earn you serious cool parent points!

If you're in need of some cool parent points, a guaranteed way to accrue them is to create a really fun, colorful and engaging bedroom for your little ones! Don't worry that you have to negate function for fun though, as there are some sneaky ways th…

30 April, 2017