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Before And After: Beautiful Conversion Of An Old Barn

When you think of “barn,” you immediately have the smell of fresh hay in your nose and the image of the countryside in your mind. Old country houses and barns have a very special charm for us.

13 April, 2024

Before And After: Renovating A Village Into Luxury Accommodation!

In the world of interior design, decoration and renovation, we can all agree that nothing is impossible and even the oldest and ugliest buildings can come to life with a touch of the right elements.

01 April, 2024

Recovery and Transformation of an Entire Village: A Unique Hotel in the Heart of Molise

The ancient village of Roccapipirozzi, nestled between the strongholds and the mighty medieval walls, is preparing to experience a new history thanks to the recovery and redevelopment project.

30 March, 2024

Energy Efficient And Environmental Friendly House Renovation With Solar Shingles or Sunroof

The environment consciousness, advocacy for clean, renewable energy and the awareness and advancement in solar technology to harness the power of solar energy have encouraged people to desire better options in terms of solar panels.

15 October, 2021

Kitchen Transformation : Before and After

Sometimes you realize the potential of a place after you have renovated it the right way. This kitchen is a perfect example of that. This huge kitchen/pantry was located in a residential area in Central Park, New York, and was renovated and refitted…

27 May, 2018

Before and after: this renovated ranch kitchen beautifully blends rustic with modern

Denver based experts from LAURA MEDICUS INTERIORS have quite appealingly remodeled an existing ranch kitchen that was in want of some serious update. Armed with a rustic touch added in a modish way, this kitchen is brimming with designer inspiration…

21 May, 2018

A home that resonates good vibes after a renovation

Who doesn't love a good Cinderella story? We all do, but when it comes to ultimate makeovers, we think that home renovations pack a serious punch as they tend to inspire everyone to think more carefully about their own properties and today, we're goi…

26 February, 2018

6 balcony transformations you'll want to try yourself

You may not have a garden that is ready to transform into a stunning display of flora and fauna, but if you DO have a balcony simply going to waste, then comes with us now, as we show you some simple upgrades that make a massive difference! You don't…

08 October, 2017

Before and After: From Mediocre to Modern Dream Home

In this house renovation project, professional architects from ARCHI-TEXTUAL in Bethesda, Washington, DC have turned a dated 1950's split-level home into a modern, minimalist, dream home that focuses on togetherness and family.

30 September, 2017

Before and After homes: 5 extreme transformations!

To completely rebuild or simply renovate? This is the question that many potential homeowners have to ask themselves, especially seeing as renovating an old building is such a HUGE undertaking! Yes, you might find a charming property that makes you s…

10 August, 2017