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Bedroom articles, tips & information

10 small bedroom designs that really work.

There's absolutely nothing stopping you from turning a small space into a wonderfully creative, beautiful and comfortable bedroom, apart from your imagination. Because we are all feeling a little frazzled as the year comes to an end, we thought it mi…

21 December, 2017

7 Cheap and stylish bedside tables for your bedroom

There are furnitures that are essential in the house, and furnitures that aren’t essential but used as decoration. Bedside tables belong to the category in the latter. Although they’re not a must-have item, they play a huge role in enhancing the room…

20 December, 2017

5 reasons why we want Alexa in our bedrooms

If you're raising an eyebrow and wondering who the heck Alexa is, calm down! We're talking about the intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon, which can be used to control countless things in your home with nothing more than a voice command.

17 December, 2017

6 modern interior ideas to remodel your bedroom

Thinking of renovating your home but don’t know where to begin? What about starting from the bedroom? When it comes to remodelling, people usually focus all their attention onto the living room—where common activities are held.

17 December, 2017

15 cách hóa giải những lỗi phong thủy thường gặp trong phòng ngủ

Phòng ngủ là không gian riêng tư quan trọng nhất dành cho gia đình bạn nghỉ ngơi sau một ngày học tập, làm việc vất vả. Vì vậy, điều quan trọng nhất trong nội thất phòng ngủ chính là tạo được không gian ấm áp, an toàn…

15 December, 2017

Ditch the traditional Bunk Beds for these 10 fresh ideas!

Bunk beds! The most fun sleepover or shared young sibling bedroom furniture in the world, but there are some really spectacular designs being showcased right now that you might not know about yet! Seriously, when you see the 10 creations that we've s…

07 December, 2017

7 ways to make your kids' room look twice as big

Parents seem to always think that their kids’ rooms are small and lacking. They tend to compare the composition of the room to their own. But even though children are a lot more petite, which means less or smaller furniture, clothes and accessories a…

06 December, 2017

How to make your bedroom look twice as big, with no construction!

Obviously, when you have a small room in a pretty family house that you want to make larger, adding an extension and knocking out some walls is the most common sense way to get the extra space you want, but what if construction isn't a possibility fo…

02 December, 2017

15 perfect ideas for a small bedroom

Anybody who tells you that a small space can't also be a suitably stunning and cozy bedroom is lying to you and we are on a mission to prove that today! Every talented interior designer in the world knows that the size of your room doesn't dictate ho…

25 November, 2017

12 secrets to a really elegant bedroom

We all need a master bedroom that is restful and helps us to drift off into a blissful sleep, but if it could be undeniably elegant as well, wouldn't that be great? Interior designers know that an elegant bedroom is a gorgeous bedroom and have been s…

14 November, 2017