Resin bathroom flooring: everything you need to know

Choosing the right bathroom finishes and accessories can come down to nothing more than personal style preferences, but when it comes to flooring, it's vital that you consult with professional bathroom designers, to ensure that you're selecting a mat…

13 February, 2018

The 10 most popular new bathrooms of 2018

2018 has brought with it a lot of stylish trends & looks for furnishing & decor elements – some brand new ones and some that are regaining popularity after a dormant phase.

18 January, 2018

12 smart bathroom storage ideas to enhance your home

Plentiful storage is an integral part of the design of a functional home space, be it a bedroom, kitchen, dining area, utility room or a bathroom. Whether dolled up in modern, rustic, Asian, tropical, country or classic style, and be it a spacious or…

04 January, 2018

Avoid making these 8 dirty bathroom mistakes!

The creative touch of bathroom designers cannot guarantee the neat maintenance of your bathroom; it is something that hinges entirely on your bathroom habits. Even the smallest & the most modest of bathrooms can appear elegant & sassy when…

29 December, 2017

10 amazing bathrooms with bathtubs

For us, no modern family or professional's bathroom is complete with out a gorgeous tub that you can sit back and soak in and to show you why, we decided to see how bathroom planners in Japan have been giving their clients' spaces a chic makeover.

26 December, 2017

6 bước đơn giản dọn sạch nhà tắm, nhà vệ sinh như mới

Một ngày cuối tuần, bạn bước vào phòng tắm có mùi hôi chẳng rõ từ đâu và không biết nên bắt đầu từ đâu để lau dọn bởi mọi thứ dường như đều cần được vệ sinh ngay lập tức.

09 December, 2017

7 amazing ways to prevent shower spillage!

If you've been diligent in your efforts to craft a beautiful and modern bathroom, we think you might have already tackled the issue of how to prevent water spraying out of your shower and onto the floor.

08 December, 2017

Inspiring bathrooms like you've never seen before!

Bathrooms are one of those interior spaces that always seem to be a little lacking in discernible style and grandeur but all that appears to be changing! Long gone are the days when your bathroom was simply a perfunctory room, as now, bathroom design…

20 November, 2017

20 modern bathrooms to give you plenty of ideas!

A stunning bathroom is one thing, but getting the balance right between aesthetics, function and modernity can be a real juggling act. Well, it was, until now! Bathroom designers have really been kicking things into high gear recently, in a bid to ma…

07 November, 2017