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15 amazing bathrooms filled with ideas to take home!

Gone are the days when bathrooms were merely those perfunctory interior spaces that always seem to be in want of distinct style & grandeur. Of late, professional experts are going all out to make these havens of personal care just as stylish as…

18 February, 2018

7 design mistakes to avoid in the bathroom

Have you lately been contemplating that long overdue bathroom rejig? Then this homify article is exactly what you need BEFORE you embark on the revamp journey. We all want comfy and modern bathrooms that are as practical as they are appealing.

16 February, 2018

Resin bathroom flooring: everything you need to know

Choosing the right bathroom finishes and accessories can come down to nothing more than personal style preferences, but when it comes to flooring, it's vital that you consult with professional bathroom designers, to ensure that you're selecting a mat…

13 February, 2018

10 modern bathrooms that will take your breath away!

Of late, bathroom design has evolved greatly, keeping in mind the needs of contemporary housing. Long gone are the days when the bathroom was merely a perfunctory room. Professional experts are going all out to make these havens of personal care just…

05 February, 2018

6 elegant bathroom ideas for compact spaces

In contemporary housing, small living spaces are more prevalent. It follows that with small sized homes & smaller living spaces, one must so furnish the home and utilize every possible nook to make the most out of the limited dimension dwelling.

30 January, 2018

The 10 most popular new bathrooms of 2018

2018 has brought with it a lot of stylish trends & looks for furnishing & decor elements – some brand new ones and some that are regaining popularity after a dormant phase.

18 January, 2018

10 Stylish Small Bathrooms Design Ideas

We know that everybody wants a big home with expansive spaces that just seem to go on forever, but when it comes to bathrooms, bigger isn't always better! In fact, we think that we've found a host of terrific tiny examples that will have you realizin…

16 January, 2018

5 Phenomenal bathroom tile combinations

As much as time changes, there are certain things that never go out of style. Bathroom tiles are one of them. They are by far the best option to decorate the walls of your bathroom!What has changed though is the motifs, shapes and combinations of col…

04 January, 2018

12 smart bathroom storage ideas to enhance your home

Plentiful storage is an integral part of the design of a functional home space, be it a bedroom, kitchen, dining area, utility room or a bathroom. Whether dolled up in modern, rustic, Asian, tropical, country or classic style, and be it a spacious or…

04 January, 2018

Avoid making these 8 dirty bathroom mistakes!

The creative touch of bathroom designers cannot guarantee the neat maintenance of your bathroom; it is something that hinges entirely on your bathroom habits. Even the smallest & the most modest of bathrooms can appear elegant & sassy when…

29 December, 2017