9 stylish tray ceiling ideas for different rooms

A tray ceiling can change the appearance of a flat, regular roof and convert it into something super elegant and flamboyant. Due to its unique architecture, its design causes the middle section to be higher than the rest of the ceiling and this is…

12 April, 2018

Inject warmth into your home with reclaimed wood wall

Adding reclaimed wood into your home spaces is a sureshot way to create a vibe that is clean as well as rustic, and introduces oodles of warmth, style & texture. Versatile to be used in walls, floor as well as furniture, it boasts of a rawness…

06 April, 2018

7 Popular Siding Materials to Consider

When building a house, you’re given a variety of materials, elements and aspects to work with, especially when it comes to house siding options for your home. This is the very material that will form the exteriors as well as some of the interiors of…

02 April, 2018

Adding on to your house in a creative way

Buying a house is a long and drawn out process with gut instinct playing a bit part in the decision-making process, which is why it can be so heartbreaking to slightly outgrow it.

26 March, 2018

Window Frames: Material Guide

Regardless of the architectural style or size of a home, one inclusion is necessary; effective, beautiful windows. It goes without saying that a thorough consultation with a glazing specialist should be an integral part of your design process and it'…

22 January, 2018

10 facade ideas for creating a modern looking house

It's all very well focussing on your home's interior, but when you want to create a thoroughly covetable home that is as contemporary outside as it is inside, you really need to think about your facade.

17 January, 2018

14 Self-build two-storey houses that’ll inspire

Self-build houses hold infinite charms—one including the ability to participate directly in its planning and design until it’s completed. Hence, the sense of achievement and satisfaction tend to be different from buying an already-made house.

28 December, 2017

An amazing modular home built in just ONE DAY!

If we told you that there are a host of talented architects over in Moscow, creating singularly spectacular modular homes that can be erected in one day, would you believe us? Well you should, as there are and today, we are going to prove it to you!I…

24 December, 2017

12 beautiful, cost-efficient & functional pavilion designs for your home

Today’s homify story is not about touring an entire dwelling but about pavilions that could be seen as wonderful house-extensions or dedicated summer houses/ functional areas of a house; in colonial times, such pavilions were usually located next to…

28 November, 2017