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13 Ideas For Fantastic House Entrances With Stairs

An infinite number of planning decisions have to be made when building a house. The outdoor area around the building is one of the topics that we usually tackle at the very end.

04 April, 2024

10 Stunning Modular Homes

Modular houses are increasingly becoming the focus of many builders. The advanced development in materials and technology makes them a profitable, efficient and safe option. They come with the same amenities and structures as traditional homes but ar…

11 February, 2024

How Much Would An Extension Cost Me?

Who of us doesn't know this: We love our four walls and never want to move away from there. But at some point, we realize that our house is too small—maybe because we've had a baby and the rooms aren't enough, maybe because we want to move our offi…

10 February, 2024

Moleanos Stone: Characteristics, Types, Pros and Cons, Cleaning and Prices!

The use of natural stone has always been one of the most sought-after requirements in architecture. The beauty and uniqueness of each block of stone are qualities that no client will miss and that offer any property a refinement and originality that…

03 February, 2024

Volumetry? Find out now what it is and what it’s for!

The process of building a house is full of difficulties, especially for those who have never thought much about the subject. When someone decides to have their dream home and makes a point of being involved in the project, they find themselves surrou…

Wonderful modern house - functional and elegant architecture

What does your dream house look like? Will it be a charming, rustic country house? Or a modern, elegant and luxurious home? Or perhaps a cosmopolitan apartment in the heart of a big city?The dream takes as many forms as the people who dream it and wh…

Architecture: 8 Beautiful Houses That were Very Cheap to Build

Less is more with these modern home designs, using sustainable architecture and low-cost housing technology to construct your dream home on a small budget. You might hesitate to try this idea at first.

21 September, 2022

Best Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Even if you don’t have the intention of listing your home for sale soon, improving curb appeal is an important part of the homeownership experience. Walking up to a welcoming and inviting house is what every homeowner desires.

25 August, 2022

Things To Do When Renovating Your House

When thinking about house renovation, your first thought is to start from scratch. There are numerous additions you want to make to your residence regardless of your budget. As enthralling as the whole modernization process is, it becomes a load when…

13 October, 2021

31 Brilliant Ideas For A Dash of Modern and Classic Décor

Fill your senses with modern architectural designs that will leave you thrilled at the possibility of redesigning or buying a new home. These inspiring designs have something for everyone with a classy vibe with a modern look.

05 June, 2021