8 amazing ideas for a more functional kitchen

The kitchen is widely known to be the most practical and functional room in any house, particularly busy family homes, which is why you need to be sure that you're making it as easy to navigate, simple to use and storage-focused as possible.

18 February, 2018

15 amazing bathrooms filled with ideas to take home!

Gone are the days when bathrooms were merely those perfunctory interior spaces that always seem to be in want of distinct style & grandeur. Of late, professional experts are going all out to make these havens of personal care just as stylish as…

18 February, 2018

Calming colors that will perfect your home

Ask any respected interior designer and they'll tell you that color psychology is a very real thing and is being used throughout homes these days to incredible effect. That's pretty much all the confirmation we need, but looking a little deeper into…

17 February, 2018

15 new builds that will make you want to buy land

We know that the idea of commissioning an architect to design you a house can seem like a big and scary undertaking, but when you see what the process can gain you, it's worth gathering your courage and taking the plunge! Whether you want something s…

16 February, 2018

7 design mistakes to avoid in the bathroom

Have you lately been contemplating that long overdue bathroom rejig? Then this homify article is exactly what you need BEFORE you embark on the revamp journey. We all want comfy and modern bathrooms that are as practical as they are appealing.

16 February, 2018

Reasons why a walk-in wardrobe might NOT be ideal!

We've spent so long dreaming about walk-in wardrobes that simply lead on from our bedrooms that we haven't actually considered the fact that they might not be the perfect choice for effective clothing storage! Maybe we've been reading too many home f…

15 February, 2018

8 simply amazing DIY ideas to add a stylish touch to your home!

Revamping the home & injecting more personality into it does not necessarily mean having to make drastic changes and incur huge expenditures. Room decorators & interior designers agree that irrespective of the style of interior design, a…

14 February, 2018

7 decor mistakes to avoid in a small home

It's so easy to assume that decorating a small home is a piece of cake, right? In practical terms, the less space you have to play with, the fewer mistakes you can make, but that simply isn't true, as any talented interior designer will tell you! Not…

14 February, 2018

Resin bathroom flooring: everything you need to know

Choosing the right bathroom finishes and accessories can come down to nothing more than personal style preferences, but when it comes to flooring, it's vital that you consult with professional bathroom designers, to ensure that you're selecting a mat…

13 February, 2018

This modern home is bedecked with rustic elegance & minimalist charm

In today's homify tour, we are going to visit a contemporary home in which Italian experts from GRITTI ROLLO have beautifully blended rusticity with minimalism to create an exquisitely elegant dwelling.

12 February, 2018

What little touches of your personality adorn your home?