A Cosy and Quirky House in Japan

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桑名の家, Nobuyoshi Hayashi Nobuyoshi Hayashi Modern Terrace
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Nagoya City is the capital of Aichi Prefecture in Japan, and is home to many manufacturing and shipping industries. And the residences here seem to have imbibed that spirit, by following modern designs and contemporary decor schemes. Today, we will take a tour of House Kuwana, which like most Japanese homes, has been rendered primarily in natural wood and is adorned with sensible and tasteful furnishing. Designed by the architects at Nobuyoshi Hayashi, this house doesn’t come with any extravagant accents of luxury, but exudes a warm and soothing vibe which is extremely relaxing. The architects have also ensured that the residence gets adequate sunlight during the day and the interiors stay well-aerated.

Quirky angular facade

The entrance of the house is unique, with its sharp angular form that projects out like the bow or front part of a ship. Remember we mentioned that Nagoya City is a shipping hub! Small patches of greenery surround the house, and soften the austere and practical hues of the exterior walls.

A wooden view from the top

Let’s begin from the view you can enjoy from the top storey of the house. The open plan dining and living area greets you as you look down, with its chevron patterned wooden flooring .The wooden furniture and the earthy couch add to the cosy factor, while they promise practical functionality. You can also see how the yellow sunshine flooding through the massive double height glass doors caresses the golden brown floor and the furniture. And don’t miss the small but airy patio just beyond the glass doors which allows a subtle integration of the outdoors and indoors. Now let's take the stairs.

An exclusive staircase

The staircase has been designed very creatively, which has given it a unique, modern feel. The wooden steps paired with wrought iron rails look like a fashion walkway with an industrial twist. The white wooden base joining the steps gives the entire stairway a floating appearance too. Also, special attention has been given to the lighting here, be it through the natural light coming in from the huge glass window directed towards the stairway or the sleek overhead lamps hanging from the ceiling above the staircase. Undoubtedly, the overall look is spacious and bright.

The warm living and library

A subtle rustic and countryside vibe permeates the living space which receives the sun’s warmth plentifully during the day. A cosy contemporary couch offers leisurely seating while you watch the television, or curl up with a book from the array of solid bookshelves. Or feel free to entertain yourself with the play of shade and lighting that the massive wood and glass doors offer.

Homely dining space

The dining table and chairs are simple yet practical, and offer hours of yummy recreation with family and friends. And if you are eager for some bookish knowledge, just head to one of the book cabinets on the right. Beyond the dining area lies the open and contemporary kitchen with its smart and spacious layout. But what we simply adore is the large kitchen window which allows both the diners and the chef to admire the beauty of the outdoors.

Airy outdoor pleasures

The patio beyond the living room looks dynamic, adding up to the spacious vibe of the home’s interiors. The foldable wooden chairs here help you to utilise the area, when you enjoy your morning cuppa under the sun or relax with a drink in the evening. The potted plants are a perfect treat to the eyes and also highlight the natural feel of this area.

The architects have very artistically designed this beautiful home, yet infused it with a snug simplicity that is rare in this fast paced world. Most importantly, they have played beautifully with the natural light coming into the house and have blended it with the woodworks inside for a lavish effect. Here’s another home tour to inspire you further: A modern chalet with eclectic flair.

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