The remarkable metamorphosis of an old-fashioned house!

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Renovations allow you to change the entire reality of your home, however obsolete it is. It also prolongs the time that you want to spend in this home.

In order to reform a house, however, it is necessary to analyze the different problems and understand the potential that exists. 

The Italian architect professional Roberto Castelli was able to do this when he was commissioned to renovate this villa, which was built more than 25 years ago. Although perfectly habitable, the house lacked modernization and hadn't adapted to a contemporary lifestyle.

Let's explore the before and after of this home in the following images!

Before: The kitchen

Who has never seen a kitchen like this? Possibly many of us because of how old-fashioned it is!

Although perfectly functional, the style is now completely obsolete even thought it may have been a dream kitchen 25 years ago. Remember that fashions change and families now seek a more minimalist space that is light and airy. 

Although relatively large, this kitchen is full of objects, old-fashioned pottery and decor pieces that clutter and crowd the space.

Before: The living room

The old living room features all of the traditional pieces: the sofa in dark leather, an armchair in a contrasting color, a modern glass table and a Persian rug. The walls feature wallpaper, which gives it that permanent parchment texture as well as several artworks with ethnic motifs. In decorative terms, there is no theme or common thread in this space!

After: A new kitchen

The kitchen and the living room are now unified and share the same space, opening up the rooms as well as making interacting far more convenient.

In this image, we can see how minimalist design results in a very pleasant contemporary setting. In the foreground, we find the kitchen island, which creates a conceptual compartmentalization from the rest of the environment. You'll also notice that the kitchen island extends into a table, which runs perpendicular to it at a lower level. (Check out these kitchen islands to treasure.)

At the end of the living room, the wall is covered with world map wallpaper. This is a very original idea, which creates depth and personality in this space.

We also have to point out the different ceiling volumes, which helps define different zones in the living space.

After: The new kitchen part 2

Here we can see a space has been created with straight lines and different volumes, integrating all of the elements together. 

The ceiling also includes and LED kitchen lighting system, which lightens up the space and creates a very modern and sleek look and feel.

Now that we've seen the kitchen after the renovation, can we even remember what the kitchen looked like before?

Before: The living room and stairs

The old distribution of the home created very sheltered and closed off space, like we can see in this image. From this location, there is a connection to the top level of the home through the staircase. The dark furniture and tiled floors are too heavy and make for an uncomfortable room.

Before: The living room and stairs part 2

This is another perspective of the previous space. We can see that the dining room was large but very anachronistic and the color palette is so dark that even with the sunlight streaming in through the windows, it looks very gloomy in here.

After: Open-plan

As we've seen throughout the home, the renovation has allowed the rooms to open up onto one another. The old dining room is now the main room in the house, which flows into the kitchen through two doors made from a darker translucent glass. 

Both spaces are now more open and inviting as well as permanently connected.

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After: Utilize old peices

To furnish a renovated house within budget, the designers took advantage of the existing furniture, which gained a completely new look and feel thanks to the light colors and wide open spaces around them. 

In this image we can see how the old sofa works in harmony with the clean modern lines and sparkly new shelves.

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After: New stairs

The staircase has also completely changed and has been redesigned so it fits into the new space. The steps are a lovely light wood, which work with the white walls. They are also illuminated thanks to the modern lighting.

Before: The bedroom

Upstairs we find the bedrooms. Just like the downstairs space, the atmosphere was very dark and unwelcoming. There was no light, a lack of color and a lack of comfort. There is so much missing from this space.

After: The bedroom

The bedroom is now modern, bright, comfortable and functional thanks to the intervention of the professionals. 

With the new design, the atmosphere has instantly become warmer and more elegant, highlighting the play on textures and colors.

The beige tones and strategically placed lighting wraps this room up in warmth, sophistication and character.

Before: The bathroom

We end off this ideabook looking at the bathroom, which leaves much to be desired. The coatings, the features and the decor needed an urgent renovation to harmonize the elements and create a space that is in line with the rest of the modern home.

After: The bathroom

The only thing in common with the old bathroom is the color blue! The bathroom has been completely changed, transforming into a modern and functional space.

The mirror features a smart light behind it, which is ideal for creating an environment for the residents where they can relax in a bath at the end of the day!

Are you impressed by this renovation?

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