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10 Ways to Make Your Small Apartment Appear Spacious

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A small home or apartment is an urban reality which often poses a problem of space for most homeowners or tenants. But a scarcity of floor area does not necessarily mean that your interiors have to be cramped or look claustrophobic. Smart solutions such as using the right kind of colour and clever décor can make even the smallest of spaces look roomy and breathable. So here we will discuss a few tips and tricks which you can implement to make your modest apartment look big and stylish at the same time, without hampering functionality.

The Natural Light Effect

FORESQUE RESIDENCES homify Living room



Sufficient natural light can make any space seem brighter and bigger. So open those curtains or blinds and let the sunshine in. Use sheer drapes which are light on the eye, or do away with curtains completely, if that doesn’t affect your privacy.

Mix and Match

THE LIVIA homify Modern Living Room



It is all about making a statement with the designs, patterns and colours of your home decor. If the colour scheme in your home leans towards the neutral, go for dark-hued furniture or a brightly painted wall for dramatic effect. The subsequent contrast will make the room look larger. You can also coordinate the colours of cabinets and furniture, as shown in this living and dining area.

Buy What Fits

Too much furniture or bulky pieces of furniture can make a room look crowded and small. Avoid such design disasters by buying furniture that fits the space you are placing it in. Try and pick sleek but comfy pieces or sectionals which can utilise a corner well.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Bespoke Antiqued Bronze Mirror Alguacil & Perkoff Ltd. Modern Bedroom
Alguacil & Perkoff Ltd.

Bespoke Antiqued Bronze Mirror

Alguacil & Perkoff Ltd.

Mirrors are the perfect accessories which produce an illusion of space. An antique gilded mirror in your bedroom will surely make it look more classy and elegant. Go for one without a frame, for a sleek and space-saving look if you wish.

A Gateway to More Space

Marylebone LEIVARS Modern Bedroom



Mirrors on walls are a great option to enhance the feeling of spaciousness. But if you want to take your décor a step further, you can choose to use mirrors as closet doors too. The reflection as shown above, not only magnifies the space, but also lends a regal and sophisticated aura to the bedroom.

Smart Partitions

You don’t always need walls to create partitions in an apartment. Also, walls make a small space appear more cramped and dingy than it actually is. So opt for ingenious ways such as a bookshelf, floor to ceiling shelves or a foldable partition or screen which can offer privacy and create different functional spaces easily.

Unusual Storage Spaces

The space under the stairs is a great storage option, when it is done with taste. You can talk to a designer and carpenter and work on creating a beautiful bank of shelves or cabinets under the stairs for organising household items and other odds and ends. Don’t hold back your imagination when it comes to finding creative storage ideas.

Nooks and Crannies

Make use of the smallest spaces available in your home like nooks and corners, which are usually overlooked. As shown above, you can turn a nook under the stairs, landing or mezzanine floor into an organized workspace for yourself. Small areas like these can also be turned into a play space for children. This particular innovative work space was designed by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects from Austin.

Organisation Tricks

A well-organised home entrance sets the tone for the rest of your home, and can indicate spaciousness in a tiny apartment too. A sleek closet for shoes and coats, a slim storage bench with wicker baskets or wall mounted shelves and hooks can cater to entryway storage with style. Also, don’t be afraid to get a little creative with hall decorations. A quirky doormat or painting on the wall can distract your guest from the lack of space in your home.

Neutral Shades

Shades such as white and light gray are great for small spaces. These hues make any space seem larger and airy. The space you repaint will look brighter and more inviting with these tones, especially if it is minimally furnished. Lighter hues on the walls will also give you the freedom to decorate the room with quirky or eclectic pieces in bold hues.

Dying to try out these nifty ideas for your small abode? Go ahead and blend your creativity with these tips to get started. Consult an interior designer or decorator if you feel the need. Take a look at another story for more ideas - 8 fabulous kitchen ideas that will stun you!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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