A Starkly Modern yet Luxurious Home in Mexico

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Stunning and vibrant Mexico is a land filled with sunny vistas and pretty designs. And the historically rich state of Oaxaca is especially famed for its indigenous cultures and beautiful colonial buildings. But in the midst of charming old world architectures, modernism has made its presence felt with oodles of panache. So the home that we are about to explore today, brings you the typical characteristics of high walled properties that conceal path breaking designs layered with the rustic charm and luxury of all things Mexican! Casa Xochimilco_II rendered by the architects at Root Studio, will surely wow you with its open expansiveness, its earthy tones and textures, and practical yet tasteful accents. Read on to find out more about it.

Stark Rusticity for the Façade

The façade has the luxury of high walls that most properties have in this part of the world. The unpretentious look is all thanks to the use of naked and exposed material like the bricks here. The dark saffron finish is one that matches well with the more modern concrete touches, while the black metal gate stands out boldly.

Courtyard of Coolness and Warmth

The courtyard of the home is one that you reach as soon as you enter through the heavy black gates. The space is characterised by the warm hues of exposed bricks, while the cool climes are secured with the help of the shade giving trees and creepers.

Clear Glass Elements

As mentioned earlier, the home thrives on the use of naked and exposed elements that give it a simple, stripped feel. This entrance to the home comes in from the courtyard side, and gives you entry into the airy environs within. And the glass integrates the indoors and outdoors effectively. The lighting further accentuates the simplicity of it all.

Stylish Minimalism Rules

The luxuriously expansive feel of the home replicates a warehouse-like effect, with the use of stone tiles for the floor, grey hues for the ceiling, and a space bereft of walls and segregation of areas. The sparse use of furniture also makes this a minimalistic space. Yet, the furniture that has been used boasts of solid and chic qualities.

Stepping Up the Style Quotient

The home has a sleek look with rugged textures and finishes. The stairs in particular, caught our eye with its low slant and exposed wooden planks set on solid metal railings. The railway track style setting makes for a unique and sleek look, while a storage unit with random niches sits below it in a contrasting wooden hue.

Vintage Touch in the Kitchen

A classic black metal carved grille has been added to the unique breakfast nook and island in this kitchen. This ornate wrought iron rendition has a wooden plank placed on top for utilitarian purposes. And the wooden and white cabinetry beyond completes the look in the kitchen.

This spacious and airy abode enthrals us with its love for openness, simplicity, and ideas which blend contemporary accents with rusticity and vintage charm. Take another tour if you are looking for more inspiration through - A Chirpy Futuristic Home Shaded by Greenery.

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