Before and After: Disastrous to Delightful

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Tinnemans Keukens Modern Kitchen
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From a home that looked very much like a disaster in need of stripping and restructuring, it is fair to say that the interior architects did an amazing job in transforming what was once an eyesore into a pristine residence with plenty of room to move. 

The decor of the kitchen and living room held an outdated presence which was uninspiring and dull. With a fresh new color scheme and modernized stylistic choices, it is hard to believe it is the same old house. 

A very cramped kitchen

The space in the kitchen is limited and the layout seems more like a box which closes in around the occupant than a usable space in which to prepare food. The cupboards are outdated and worse for ware, whilst the bench space is cluttered with appliances and utensils. 

Whilst this kitchen served a very basic purpose, the lack of open space demands a completely new perspective and a fresh outlook. 

A modern finish

The renovated kitchen has certainly come a long way. From the mounted cabinets that create a sense of openness to the clearly defined work 'stations,' which definitely allow more room to move. 

The color scheme of grey and white contrast works well and gives the kitchen a modern finish, whilst the updated appliances make it much more usable. The window works well in unison with the kitchen as a whole whilst the opening underneath the mounted cabinets allows for interaction. 

A new perspective

Not only have the mounted cabinets offered more storage capacities, but the overall perspective has changed in the kitchen by creating a space which feels expansive and minimalist.

Opening up the space

The renovation experts made a decision to completely strip the already existing structure of this home in order to make room for more usable space. Not only have they allowed more light in by utilizing both the window and the door, they also created a breezy ambiance in the rooms by expanding the kitchen into the living space. 

The result

A room without limits. There are various points of entry into these rooms which give the whole area an open plan feel.The outdated tiled floor has been replaced by wooden floorboards throughout, whilst the choice of color palette has achieved a gentle balance of various light and dark contrasts. 

Trap doors

It is easy to see how a wall made entirely of cupboard doors can feel stifling and dreary. The old fashioned wood and the lackluster wall color make this room feel unwelcoming and gloomy. 

A bright alternative

The wall cupboard has been replaced by one which inspires a fresh perspective with the clever use of the mirror to reflect the space whilst making the room look bigger than it is. By making the cupboard only partly a mirrored door, the room looks modern and sleek whilst the updated wall color gives it a crisp and clean look.

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