10 ingenious storage solutions for your tiny bathroom

Leigh Leigh
Historisch-rustikaler Charme im modernen Look: Komplettsanierung eines Mehrfamilienhauses, von Mann Architektur GmbH von Mann Architektur GmbH Rustic style bathroom
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If you live in a small apartment or house or if you find that your home features very small bathrooms, it can be difficult to know how to store all of your linen, facial products, make-up, soaps and bath oils in this space without it looking like a cluttered and chaotic mess.

Smart storage solutions are the key!

But what are smart storage solutions?

Storage solutions are shelves, cupboards and other innovative places where you can keep all of your personal items neatly out of sight. Each item that you own deserves to have its very own home as well!

You also want to make sure that every time you step in the bathroom, it feels spacious, light and bright. A bathroom should be a calming spot where you can relax and regroup. You don't want to be worrying about tidying up the whole time.

This is why today at homify, we are going to show 10 storage solutions for your tiny bathroom, which will change your life in big ways!

1. Work with the shape of the bathroom

If your bathroom is tiny and has been slotted into a little nook, like in this design, then you need to work with the space available to you.

This bathroom, designed by professional architects Von Mann, features a slanted roof, which severely limits the amount of space available. Yet the designers have chosen to install shelves under the slant of the roof, working with the angles, shapes and size of the wall. The result is a gorgeous storage area that features strong geometric lines. 

Functional and fabulous!

2. Under the sink

Most bathrooms feature a sink, where you can wash your hands and brush your teeth. It is a very functional element in this space. So why not utilize it?

Use the usually wasted space under the sink to install drawers or a cabinet. Here you can store toothpaste, toothbrushes, face cloths and any other personal items, leaving the bathroom looking minimalist and chic.

3. Above the sink

Usually sinks also feature a mirror above them, which is the perfect spot to install a medicine cabinet. This can hold a variety of personal items, which are hidden behind the mirror!

The great thing about this is that it utilizes vertical space so your bathroom won't feel cramped or crowded.

Remember that mirrors also have the ability to make a room look that much bigger, because they reflect the space back on itself. Install a large mirror if you like, which will create a much more spacious looking bathroom.

4. Invest in a smart storage unit

Especially if your bathroom has to double up as your laundry room, you can end up with a very old-fashioned bathroom that is packed with clothes, ironing boards, washing machines and washing powder.

This is the perfect time to invest in a smart storage unit, like this design by Elfa. This little unit fits neatly against the wall, but stores a washing machine, drawers, shelves and hanging space all in one go. This is a wonderful tool for the well-organized individuals who only have a limited space available to them.

5. Incorporate nature

When it comes to installing shelves in your small bathroom, you don't want them to be too chunky or to take up too much space. This is the perfect time to opt for neutral colour or natural, raw materials. 

In this design, we can see how it adds a rustic touch to the space, making it that much more interesting and inviting.

Have a look at these tips on how to integrate wooden elements in your house.

6. Carve a shelf into the wall

If you don't have space to install shelves or cupboards in your bathroom, why not carve a shelf out of the stone wall, like in this image?

This is a great way to utilize space and add a very charming touch to the area. Remember that shelves like these can also be used for decor items or photographs. 

In this image, we can see that the shelf has been used for a beautiful pot plant. Plants add a very natural form of decor to a space that is refreshing and understated.

7. Create a ledge

Mozaiki z płytek, Deeco Deeco Modern Bathroom

Apart from building a little shelf in the wall in your bathroom, you can also use the walls to create a little ledge.

In this design we can see that the bathroom is all white, with a few black finishes. This creates a very classic look and feel!

Color coordinating your storage items, such as picture frames, towels or candles with the rest of the bathroom can make the space seem that much neater. In fact your storage items can become part of the decor!

8. Recycle old materials

There are so many ways you can install gorgeous and trendy forms of storage in your bathroom without spending a cent.

An old ladder, for example, can be recycled and repainted to become a brilliant and innovative railing to hang up your towels. 

You can also use old pallets or wine crates for DIY shelving projects. This is the perfect way for the whole family to flex those creative muscles!

9. Install shelves in the shower itself

It's no secret that the shower or the bathtub can end up taking up quite a lot of space in the bathroom, so why not make the most of this space?

Install shelves in the shower for all of your hair care and body wash products or place a shelf next to the bath with all of your bubble bath and oils. Not only will this be far more convenient, allowing you to have all of the items you need within reach, but it will maximize the space available to you.

10. Colorful shelves

In this image, we can see how the designers have placed colorful shelves and drawers all the way up the wall, which creates a design element in itself. There is no reason not to double up functional items as decor pieces!

The shelves are installed sporadically up the wall, so that they almost look like artwork. Bright colors like yellow and blue work very well for this space, adding some personality to the space without drawing away from its tranquility.

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How have you made the most of your tiny bathroom? Share your tips with us by leaving a comment below!

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