12 ideas for unique built-in bookshelves

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Books are one of the simple yet joyful things in life. They allow us to escape from reality for hours on end, relax and unwind where ever we are and let's be honest, there's not much that smells better than the pages of a brand new book ready to be read!

Books are also wonderful decor elements too! They can add color, variety and a traditional touch to any home—as you long as you have the right bookshelves!

Today at homify, we are going to look at 12 unique ideas for built-in bookshelves, which will leave you itchy to put all of your favorite classics up on display.

1. The space under the stairs

Stairs are a necessity for any home that has more than one level, but what about the space under the stairs?

This space is often completely wasted, yet if you look at carefully, has so much potential.

In this design, you can see how the space has been utilized for a book shelf—and it's the perfect shape! Fit the shelves in below the stairs and you'll have the best looking and most functional stairs on the block.

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2. Above the stairs

If we head up the stairs, we often come to a narrow landing, which again is often wasted because there is not much floor space.

A great plan is to install shelves along the walls above the landing, utilizing the vertical space available. At the same time you'll create an attractive and cozy landing that is as interesting as it is charming.

3. Darker shelves

Vipp shelves Vipp Living room Shelves

If you want to go for a more sophisticated look and feel, opt for charcoal black or grey floating shelves. 

In this image, we can see that design professionals VIPP have created a very sleek design, which contrasts beautifully with the grey walls and silver appliances in this space.

This is also a great example of how a bookshelf doesn't necessarily need to hold books. Use a bookshelf to put your favorite decor items, accessories or photographs on display.

4. Be unique

Have you ever seen something so trendy, eclectic or retro?

Remember that a home is a reflection of your personality so you can afford to be a bit creative and play around with functional items, converting them into quirky decor pieces.

In this design, there is a play on the traditional bookshelf look and feel, however it also looks like a giant wheel or a big flower on the wall. 

Simply beautiful!

5. Modern and chic

Use your bookshelf to add a modern and stylish touch to your home with some subtle lighting!

In this image, we can see how lighting that is carefully placed on or behind the shelves can enhance an entire wall as well as illuminate the books or all objects that you have on display.

You can also use lamps, candles or lanterns to illuminate this space. Think out of the box when it comes to lighting!

6. DIY

Recycling old wine crates or pallets can be a wonderful design tool and you can end up with the most incredibly vintage and stylish bookshelves. 

Hang them on the wall, prop them up or even stack them on the floor. 

Look at this cool furniture for almost nothing: using pallets.

7. Classic

Bookshelves have the ability to add a touch of classic style to a bedroom, study, living room or dining room. 

If you want to go for this look and feel go for a rich color like a mahogany or a chocolate colored wood. It's also a good idea to furnish this space with encyclopedias or more grand looking books, if possible so that everything is uniform.

8. A touch of nature

If you're looking for inspiration for your bookshelves look no further than your back garden. Natural materials, like wood or stone, can make for very eye-catching and very sturdy bookshelves. 

They are also a very subtle form of decor, integrating beautifully with your decor and design, no matter what it is!

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9. Get creative

We've spoken a little bit about recycling pallets but you really can be a bit more creative (and eco-friendly!) by using your imagination. 

While these shelves are not built-in as such, how quirky and full of charm are they?

Designed by AM Florence, this bookshelf is made out of an old suitcase. Have you ever seen something so innovative?

10. Minimalist

If you go for a minimalist design in your home, you may think a bookshelf will deter from the style, making the space look cramped and crowded. But this is not the case!

In fact, as we can see here, a bookshelf can integrate quite perfectly into a minimalist design. 

If you want to go this route, opt for white shelves and keep your books stacked very neatly!

11. Have some fun

Your bookshelves don't have to be straight lines or neutral colors. Have a bit of fun with them! This works especially well for a kid's bedroom!

In this design, we can see how diagonal lines form the very funky and quirky bookshelf, which are also painted a bright pink. This enhances the plain white room, adding a splash of color and trend.

12. Don't forget the wine

You can also utilize built-in bookshelves for more specific items, such as wine. 

Wine displays can add a touch of luxury and class to a home, while storing your wine collection at the same time. It also works for any room! Display your wine in the kitchen, the hallway, the study, the dining room or the living room—it can only serve to enhance the existing decor.

Tip: Ensure the shelves fit the bottles in tightly, you don't want any wine spilling on the floor!

If you like this ideabook, you'll love these things to consider when choosing shelves.

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