Old World Charm in a Modern and Lavish Turkish Home

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AHMET ASLI İLHAN EVİ , DerganÇARPAR Mimarlık DerganÇARPAR Mimarlık Mediterranean style house
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Turkey is known for its opulent surroundings and classically designed homes. Large villas with old school touches are naturally an important attraction here. This home in Hatay, Turkey, particularly, is a large and spacious abode with charming vintage touches that are global in their outlook. The architects at Deca Mimarlik have combined accents and ideas from the South of France, Middle East and the Orient to create a soothing canvas where comfort and stylish living join hands. Structural delights and intriguing patterns also dot the insides of Ahmet Asli Ilhan Evi profusely. Take the tour to know more!

A Tiered Façade

The façade of the building speaks of modern yet traditional opulence with a high rise structure which holds luxurious quarters within. The brown stone and white home features a smattering of glass that renders it a classic appeal.

Neutral Shades in the Living Room

The grey shades and the cream hues in the living room come in touch with the robust wooden teak pieces, to create subtle magic. The elegant grey walls flaunt white detailing, while large glass windows create a look of expansiveness. The classic tufted couch with its plush upholstery adds a charming vintage look to the entire space.

A Hint of the Modern in the Dining Room

The curved staircase acts as the modern art backdrop for the South of France style dining table with its white and ornate finishing. The traditional furniture is laid out on the granite oval detailing on the floor, and is bathed in a golden light emanating from the steps. The quaint look and modern details make it an eclectic space.

A Classic Kitchen

The kitchen is a classic space. The large area is done up with white painted wooden cabinets and a contemporary island with granite top. The patterned tiles on the floor exude a three dimensional effect while the rest of the space has been left plain white to bring out the effect of the classic touches. The pretty curtains add to the charm of the space. The counters line both sides and lights shine down from under the cabinets on top – the only modern touch in the space.

The Sensuous Staircase

The staircase is a show-stopping art installation in this villa with its stairs taking on the golden hue of the lights that edge them. The brown and white undulating surfaces wrap the contours of the random spirals of the stairs sensuously. From this vantage point, the visual impact is surreal and the dining area is clearly visible.

Lilac Touches in the Bedroom

The lilac bed with its tufted headboard looks feminine and soothing, while the bedding is in light mauve and plush fabrics. The striped wallpaper contributes to the luxurious aura in an understated way, along with the quaint white chandelier.

Vintage Style in the Bathroom

The bathroom has a vintage setting with floral wallpaper and a chic sink on a vintage dresser of sorts. The mirror and the dim lighting accentuate the contours and cosy corners of the space. A modern wall mounted WC unit saves on floor area efficiently.

Vintage touches have been combined with contemporary accents in this luxurious home, to celebrate the art of modish living. Take another tour if you want more ideas: The Quaint White House Of Charm And Comfort.

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