10 Feng Shui Tips To Keep Bad Energies Away From Home

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In the worst moments of our lives, it is important to look for positive energy, change some attitudes, leave some people behind and also, of course, renew the energy of our house.

After all, our home is the mirror of our life, it is there where we go to seek rest. So if we don't feel comfortable in our home, then where else? To make us feel happy in our home, Feng Shui can help us a lot.

Did you know that Feng Shui is the influence of space on our well-being, whether in the places where we work or live? From this knowledge, you can see the positive influences that are present in the space and redirect the negative ones. In this sense and with certain modifications, we can improve and solve professional, emotional, financial and health problems.

Discover in this book of ideas Feng Shui tips to keep bad energy away from your home. Don't waste any more time and start having a more positive attitude towards life now! Let's go there.

1. The importance of the entrance to the house

Good energy should begin at the entrance of our house. Placing a mirror, especially if the space is narrow, will not only make it look larger and brighter, but it will also attract good energy to your home from the first moment. It is also recommended to put beautiful objects such as flowers at the entrance, as they give good feelings and make the reception more pleasant.

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2. Get rid of broken objects

The philosophy of Feng Shui believes that we should throw away all objects that have been broken, as they contribute negative energy or block positive energy. Although you can try to relocate and repair them, according to this philosophy the best we can do is throw them away and start again. Sometimes it's complicated, but if you have a decorative object that has broken in two, throw it away.

3. Let the air circulate

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Opening the windows every day goes beyond hygiene, it is essential to renew the air. Even when it's cold you should open them every day. Also let the sun flood your house, raising the blinds and removing the curtains. Both the sun and fresh air are your allies against bad energy since you let the wind carry that bad energy out of your house. They are simple gestures that can make a difference.

4. Avoid the accumulation of many objects

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Many of us have the habit of accumulating everything because we seem embarrassed to get rid of it. But why do we do it? They are just objects that in the foreground can block the emotions and spirituality of our home. So when we see an image of a well-organized house, with everything in its place, without overloading and well organized, we feel the feeling of calm and positive. Doesn't it happen to you? Well now you know, get to work!

5. Peace Lily

Flowers or plants are in themselves renewable energies, as the proponents of Feng Shui say. That is why it is so important that they are part of our house. But if you also introduce a peace lily there are all advantages, especially if it has problems with humidity or leaks, because this plant does not need a lot of sun and attracts good energies. It is easy to maintain and beautiful.

6. Salt

If you move to live in a new space (that was already inhabited), the philosophy of Feng Shui recommends that you put a few pinches of salt in each corner of the different rooms of the house. This culinary ingredient will absorb the bad energy of the former residents.

NB: 48 hours after putting it on, you just have to remove it from the corners and throw it in the trash.

7. Decorate with mirrors

Don't you have mirrors in your house? Well, don't hesitate for a moment to bet on them. Because? For the simple reason that they attract positive energies and help clear the mind. They are also excellent allies in your decoration since they are light reflectors and make spaces larger. There are many styles of mirrors to choose from, so you are sure to find one that suits your home and your decorative tastes. But you must not forget that you must position your mirrors well, it is not recommended to place them in front of the door of the house or the bedroom because it could alter your passive energy.

For personal advice, you have at your disposal any of our decorators and interior designers.

8. Head north

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We must always look north. It is important to always have our head directed towards the north when studying, sleeping or working. According to Feng Shui, there is a better flow because we will be in line with the energy of the planet. So now you know, perhaps the time has come to redirect the furniture in your house towards the north, this way you will give it a new image while promoting positive energies.

9. Incense and good smells

Perfuming your home with a pleasant aroma of incense allows you to raise energy and calm the environment. You have a huge variety of scents to choose from when it comes to incense, but also aromatic candles and natural air fresheners that will make your home feel much more pleasant and welcoming.

10. Clean regularly

Regular cleaning is essential to ward off negative energy and create a feeling of well-being in the inhabitants of a home. Cleaning the bathrooms, and the kitchen, dusting, vacuuming or washing the dishes can be boring, but the truth is that feeling the fresh air and the fragrances of the products is a very good feeling.

Energy Cleansing with Cinnamon

Negative energy in the environment is a bad advisor and a bad helper in any space, but at home and work it is essential to maintain a positive environment. A good trick to clean negative energies from the home is using a preparation with cinnamon. This spice has uses aimed at protection, attracting good luck, love and passion, as well as having strong esoteric powers. To cleanse the house of bad vibrations and attract positive energy, you should put a pot of water on the fire until it boils. At that moment, you add cinnamon powder or stick and cover the pot. Let it boil for two to three minutes. Uncover the pot and try to let that steam flood all the rooms in your home. This will make your house smell great, and negative energies will be removed and replaced with positive ones. Plus, it's super economical and natural. Has it all!

Other uses of cinnamon

Continuing with cinnamon as a method to ward off negative energies, we show you some uses so that you can maintain a positive home and life, following the ideas of Feng Shui of the energies of the home:

  • A cinnamon stick at the door of your home will give you protection from envy and bad omens.
  • If you want to enhance love and passion in your partner, mix a little cinnamon powder and honey. You will notice the difference!
  • By sprinkling cinnamon on your shoes, you can attract good luck, especially in the world of work and business.

Attracts fortune

By now knowing how to get bad energies out of the house, you will surely feel calmer when it comes to living there. Now is the time to attract all the good and prevent the bad from appearing in our lives, so Feng Shui at home provides what we are looking for. Specifically, there is a part of this philosophy in which we can attract money, thanks to a plant. Vegetation is not only associated with health, but we can also link it to good vibrations in economic fortune. Specifically, Crassula is one of the plants that Feng Shui recognizes as a species that has the property of attracting fortune to the home. Put it in your one-story house, or on each of the floors of your home!

More inspiration to redecorate your home

Completely renew some of your spaces. Changes attract good vibes: paint your walls with your favourite tones, place a different rug, and upholster the sofa. Find an appropriate corner to fill with a plant.

Remember to organize yourself well and make your life easier with storage spaces, dividers in your closets, etc.

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