Home Decoration: 11 ways tiles can transform your home

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Tiles may seem like a simple material. They can be overlooked in favor of granite or marble. Yet, tiles can truly transform your home.

Not only are tiles the perfect materials for durability and sustainability, but there are so many variations out there that you can change the whole look and feel of a space by using them. Opt for patterns, solid and bold colors, neutral colors, big tiles, small tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles… there are so many options!

Today we are going to look at 11 ways that you can use tiles to transform your home.

1. Personality

There's no doubt about it—introducing tiles into a space in your home can introduce charm, character and personality to a kitchen.

A kitchen is the heart of the home and deserves a little bit of color and a little bit of soul. Not only is it incredibly easy to achieve this by installing colorful and creative tiles but it is also very budget-friendly.

2. Convenience

While we are on the subject of the kitchen space, it's important to also note what a great material tiles are for this area of the home.

Tiles are very durable and won't get damaged by steam, smoke or even food being splattered on them. They are also so easy to clean too! Simply use a cloth and a bit of soap to wipe them down. No muss, no fuss.

3. Flooring

Tiles are also great for the kitchen flooring too. 

In this design, by professionals Camila Tannous Architects & Interiors, we can see how the flooring enhances the whole kitchen with its bold and beautiful patterns. Again, it's also so easy to clean so you don't have to worry about anything spilling on the floor.

Tip: Make sure your floor tiling works in harmony with the colors and the material of the kitchen cabinets and shelves.

4. A kid's room

Use tiling in a kid's room to add a theme or bold colors to the space. This is the perfect opportunity to use creativity because you can have so much more fun with a kid's bedroom! Go for the wackiest and wildest colors or patterns that you can find and you'll create a little haven for your child where they can let their imaginations run wild.

Have a look at these other awesome bedroom ideas for kids.

5. The home office

When we think about the home office, we can't help but think of how boring this space is. It's where we are forced to sit down and concentrate on our work or our homework when all we want to do is watch television.

Wall tiles or floor tiles have the ability to introduce colors or patterns into this space, which could help you to concentrate. In fact studies show that certain colors profoundly impact our focus and creativity.

For some ideas on this, have a look at this ideabook on how colors influence your bedroom.

6. The staircase

Staircases are often simply regarded as functional features in our house which get us from the bottom floor to the top floor. However, tiles can transform a staircase into a full blown decor element that can enhance the entire home.

In this design, you can see how the marble staircase and glass encasing creates a very luxurious and elegant look and feel throughout the home. Tiles hold the exact some power and can mean the difference between a boring set of stairs and an award-winning home feature.

7. The gym

Дом Millennium-park, 420 м², Bronx Bronx Eclectic style gym

If you have a home gym, don't hesitate to install tiles.

Tiles will ensure that no matter how much sweat sprinkles onto the floor or how many wet towels are left lying around, this space can be cleaned in a matter of minutes. Tiles also won't retain the smell or the dampness .

8. Use tiles to separate room functions

A very modern way to design homes is to opt for an open plan design, but to use flooring to separate areas of the home according to their function.

This is a great way to utilize tiled floors. Use tiled floors for the dining room or the kitchen, while using wooden floors or screed floors for the living room. This is a wonderful way to break up the rooms without having to install walls, which will make the house feel that much smaller.

Also have a look at these tips to create a really cozy living room.

9. The pool area

If we head outside the house, we can see how important tiles can be for the swimming pool area. They create a non-slip environment around the swimming pool as well as comfortable and aesthetically appealing pleasing environment for when you're sunbathing next to the pool or entertaining guests.

Team your outdoor swimming pool tiles with complementary swimming pool furniture and you'll have the most ideal exterior space.

10. Don't forget the facade

Your outside area can also be completely enhanced by vertical tiling, creating a very natural and earthy look and feel.

In this design, we can see what an elegant, sophisticated and luxurious touch the facade adds to this space, yet it is not too overwhelming. Be sure to use the facade subtly. 

11. Outdoor kitchen

While we are exploring outdoor spaces, it's also important to note how valuable simple kitchen tiles can be for an outdoor barbeque area.

When we are using the barbeque, it's very common that grease is spilled or that we are entertaining guests who may knock over a glass or drop a piece of meat on the floor. Tiles are the best bet for this environment because, as we mentioned before, they are just so easy to clean!

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Which room would you tile in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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