Empty Shell to Cosy Home: A Charming Makeover Story from Japan

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『恋に落ちる』, 株式会社しあわせな家 株式会社しあわせな家
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This Japanese home has been named “I Fall in Love”, owing to its romantic, homely and soothing makeover. Originally, it was just a dusty bare shell lacking in any form of decorative accents or furnishing. But the restoration and renovation experts at Happy Home Co. Limited in Kanagawa Prefecture saw the structure’s potential and turned it into a charming and practical home. 

It is simply amazing how they have planned and integrated the different functional areas without encouraging clutter, given the scarcity of space. Ample use of wood and sudden pops of bright hues makes this residence a serene and inviting nest for young professionals or a small family. Let's take a look…

Before: An Empty Nest

What does a designer feel while looking at a blank canvas, an empty home, like this one? To the untrained eye, it may seem like hunks of concrete piled atop each other and sheets of non-descript glass that do not say much in design terms. Yet, the designers saw a lot of potential here and transformed this place fittingly.

After: Robust Material with Subdued Colours

The subtle flavour of the home’s new design comes through with the muted mint green beanbag and the potted plant gracing this side of the living room and main hall. The solid doors and windows in unpolished wooden frames gives it all a light feel, with golden lighting shining down from the ceiling.

After: The Cosy Dining Room

The dining area occupies the other part of the hall, from where the home office and the kitchen can be easily accessed. This kind of an open layout has helped to visually expanding the space and makes it seem larger than it is. A simply crafted table accompanied by cushioned benches offer homely comfort while you share a tasty meal with loved ones.

After: The Open Bookshelf

The open bookshelf shows off the owner’s love for reading, and almost takes up an entire wall. Beyond it lies the home’s entryway with a bright spot reserved for bikes.

After: The Bright and Busy Kitchen

The kitchen is the warmest, brightest and most homely part of this home. It enjoys touches of turquoise blue that complement the white walls and wooden shelves nicely. The wall at the far end flaunts mosaic tiles—a unique touch.

After: Crisp yet Soothing Style in the Bedroom

The bedroom has well defined and simple lines that come alive with muted shades of mint green that line the ceiling as well as the bedding. The lighting and the Dutch door add to the romantic feel of the space.

After: The Lively Green Bathroom

The vibrant bathroom has been done up in a hue that brings its cosiness alive. The baskets perched on the floating wooden shelves also add to the quaintness of the ambiance. Modern white fixtures and fittings offer a good contrast against the peppy wall and dark floor.

This once dull and bare Japanese apartment is now a delightful place to live in, thanks to the cheery colours, textures and designs it now features. Here is a home tour to inspire you further - The House of 13 Windows.

What did you like the most about this humble renovation? Let us know in the comments below!

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