A Chirpy Futuristic Home Shaded by Greenery

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The region known as the North of Rhine in Germany is one that sees a quiet way of living peppered with a modern outlook. The peace and quiet here will make you reflect on your surroundings with a new found sense of heightened perspective. 

Today we invite you to Mechernich in Germany, where the Eiffel Hills and the countryside of Cologne make this a peaceful retreat. Here, we have found a house named Living Tube, designed by the creative architects at Danke Architekten – a structure that pays homage to the greenery and modern vibe of the area. And it hides a unique secret too. Come take a tour to find out more about this residence.

Stylish Wood and Concrete Touches for the Façade

The façade is lined with a wooden garage door that makes for a bright statement thanks to its natural dark saffron hue. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the home is in grey concrete with geometrical scales etched on to the surface for a textured effect of sorts. This scale effect is used to prevent wear and tear of homes due to the heavy rain and wind in this region!

A Tube-Like Surprise

One side of the home juts out into nature with the help of glass sheets set within a linear tube. This is probably where the home gets its unique name from, too! 

Around this area, the lush and almost untamed greenery form shaded pathways where one can take a walk.

A Fascinating Tube Scheme in the Living Room

Within the home, the tube we just saw, presents a living room with a transparent glass wall – there are no frames to mar its crystal clear surface. 

The grey couches and the simple driftwood decorative piece make this a soothing space. This living room has many shades of grey which creates an appealing look of modernity with a retreat-like feel.

A Vibrant Look

The terrace of the abode is a perfect spot for unwinding, meditation or enjoying a heart to heart with a close friend. 

The deck is equipped with a cosy seating arrangement under a brilliant orange canopy. Natural beauty adds magic to the scene.

Grey and White in the Dining Room

The kitchen and dining hall are tucked behind the modern white fireplace. 

The white dining table is a light weighty one that creates an airy feel and matches well with the pale kitchen beyond. Glass doors let you relish the lushness of nature as well as the tastes and flavours of a hearty meal.

The Deck by Dusk

By dusk, the deck is illuminated by the golden light shining through from inside the house and escaping through the expansive glass windows. You can either sit here and enjoy the silence, or share a refreshing drink with a loved one.

The simple yet chic home impresses us with its bright, airy and nature-loving ambiance, as well as its tubular surprise element! It is ideal for a family getaway and will reconnect you with the idyllic pleasures of life. Take another tour for more ideas - The Quaint White House Of Charm And Comfort.

What did you like the most about this unique home? Let us know in the comments!

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