​10 Small Patios Bursting With Style

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Living in a small (no, scratch that word – let’s go with ‘modest’) space means giving up some extras that other, larger residences can enjoy: a garden, a guest bedroom, or even a dining room. 

But every so often, no matter how limited the legroom in a smaller space is, a little lap of luxury gets added to it – and when this happens to be a charming little terrace, then it’s all good! The terrace can play host to a number of different functions: teatime with a friend, catching up on work, reading the latest bestseller on your Kindle… all of these, and more, can be enjoyed on that stylish little terrace.

So, let’s hear it for the clever little terrace by looking at 10 examples of modest terraces that pack a rather big punch style-wise!

1. Terrific in timber

We kick off with a looker – how stunning is this little terrace which provides us with both a covered and open option to kick back in style? The honey coloured flooring fits in perfect with the darker tones of the cottage, making that outdoor space stand out even more. 

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2. The terrace with a view

Any view that includes a water body (whether it’s the ocean or a garden pond) has our vote. But that is not the only reason why we’ve included this one on our list – those rustic wooden panels of the flooring; the patches of green garden in between; the spacious little area where we can enjoy an al fresco meal… every single feature here works most superbly for us!

How about you?

3. Linked to the interiors

This little garden cottage treats us to a wraparound terrace, ideal for pulling up a lounger to enjoy the flourishing green surroundings in full comfort. Notice that even the house wants to enjoy as much of the scenery as possible, beautifully opening up to welcome in the sunshine and garden views.

4. A very chic option

Most definitely not your typical forest cabin, which is why we’re so crazy about it. Those long wooden panels just seem to go on and on, conjuring up more than ample space for everybody to relax and take in the view. 

And what is a getaway spot in the forest without the charm of a crackling fire?

5. The outdoor kitchen

If we’re going to be relaxing on that shaded terrace, we may as well do it with some grub, right?  This built-in kitchen flaunts a beautiful combination of wood, stone, and tile, and is the ideal addition for this covered spot. 

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6. Fit for a modern meal

This mini terrace mimics the previous one’s aspirations for an outdoor barbeque, albeit in a more modern and condensed version. But never mind, as the sleek marble, chic stone, and charming wooden surfaces all add to the enchanting vibe of this dining-under-the-stars spot.

7. Perfect for getting your “ommm” on

Does anybody else get a sudden urge to plop down and meditate on this wooden deck? There is something about that dark wood, backdrop plants, plush pillows, and the surrounding garden that has evidently been maintained most perfectly.

8. Catching some sun

That terrace doesn’t always need to be covered up and shielded from the sun – sometimes we want to feel that warm glow on our skin (as long as appropriate SPF measures have been taken, of course). 

That is why we include this open terrace, complete with pergola-like addition, which can be perfect for when a bit of sun is in order.

9. Elegant and classy

Something about this terrace, with its linear panelling, glass-top coffee table, and stylish rattan furniture, makes us want to go all classy. So, pop that bottle of Merlot, have a seat, and let’s enjoy the stretched-out greens of the surrounding landscape.

10. A paradise in the back yard

Ah – the perfect spot in the back yard, to be enjoyed either by a group of friends or your individual self with those decadent daydreams. Lush gardens, white flooring, dark walls, soft seating, and a covered spot to shade us from that unexpected drizzle.

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