A French Country Home With A Contemporary Heart

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EURL Cyril DULAU architecte
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The country lifestyle hooked us once again as we ventured into Dax in the South of France for a gentle summer at a quaint country retreat. As we made our way around the area, we stumbled upon pretty homes encased in greenery. 

Today, we would love you to come and join us as we take a tour of the Maisons de Ville, a towering vintage home that wears the look of years gone by, but boasts urban pleasures inside. Designed by the architects at Eurl Cyril Dulau Architecte, this one is a must see.

A quaint and classic façade

The façade is straight out of a classic novel with its high walls and quaint rooftops. The old looking façade has a well worn look which adds oodles of charm to the property. 

The windows are framed by shutters and verdant greenery surrounds the area.

A warm tone in the living room

The main living room of the home has a classic South of France feel, with eclectic elements weaving a powerful design story. 

The mustard yellow wall and the brown leather couch with dusky teal cushions are only the start of this magical home tour. In this room, quirky pendant lamps do the rest of the talking.

Homely touches

The other living room of the residence has a homely and simple touch, which makes for a soothing and stylish appeal. 

The beige setting on the grey stone floor creates a village theme, and the pops of colour make it an interesting space to chat with guests and relax.

Charming dining room

Charm oozes from the dining area of the home with the round wooden table and white chairs set to perfection. From this angle, one can also see the exotic chest that sits behind the more modern beige couch.

Modern vibe in the open kitchen

The kitchen of the home is an open space characterized by dark hardwood beams and clean, crisp modern lines. 

The purple chairs add a trendy South of France touch to the area, while delicate white lamps suspended from a beam above the island cast a soft glow in the evenings.

The stylish study

The study wears a staunch urban look, with its green wall on the right and gray accent wall in front. 

White cabinets stand against the slate grey wall and make quite a contrasting statement, while the pale hued slim wooden desk creates an eclectic tone. The miniature potted plants bring delicate whiffs of nature inside.

Old school bedroom

The arched window, the boudoir-like look of the space and the checkerboard floor – all add to the old school charm of this simple but cosy bedroom.

Whimsical touches in the bathroom

The bathroom features a bureau in unpolished wood with a matching mirror fixed on the side with hinges. The modern sink is positioned in the centre with space all around for arranging cosmetics and toiletries.

This apparently ageing mansion is packed with tons of modern and practical accents once you venture inside. It is fitted with cosy furnishing, flaunts sudden dashes of chic hues, and surprises with its random quaint features. Here's another home tour to set your creative juices flowing - The Modern Home of Peaceful Elegance.

What did you like the most about this classic but contemporary home? Let us know in the comments!

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