8 lovely lighting ideas for different parts of your home!

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At homify, we believe that lighting is a key element when it comes to interior and exterior decor and design. If used right, lighting can enhance a room and draw out the most beautiful features. 

Today we are going to explore several different types of rooms in the house—from the bedroom to the swimming pool to the dining room to the kitchen—and we are going to see how top homify professionals have managed to use different types of lighting to their advantage. Hopefully you will pick up some tips when it comes to creating beautiful ambiance and romantic settings throughout your home with the strategic use of lighting.

Let's take a look!

The dining room

The dining room is a space where you really have to be careful about lighting. When you have guests over for dinner, or even when the family are gathered around the dinner table, you want to be able to see what you're eating but at the same time, you don't want to feel like you are sitting under a spotlight!

A great way to find middle ground is to install a large (and trendy) lamp over the middle of the table, like in this design. This way there is plenty of light flowing from the middle of the room, but it's not so bright or overpowering that you feel uncomfortable while you eat.

It's the little things

Another great option when it comes to the dining room is to opt for candles, lanterns and lamps, and sprinkle them throughout the room. Candles, lamps and lanterns add a very romantic, soft light to a space. This is the perfect example of function meeting style.

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Bright kitchens

A kitchen should always be a light space where you not only feel inspired and creative while whipping up a feast—but you can see all of the ingredients very carefully while cooking!

Lamps or lights over the counter tops and stove are always a great addition to kitchen lighting, as they allow you to see what you are doing in some of the most important parts of the kitchen.

Natural light is also a wonderful way to enhance a kitchen space. Invest in skylights or large glass windows and doors and allow the sunshine to filter into the home throughout the day!

The bedroom

A bedroom is the part of a home that is meant to feel like a cocoon—a safe haven where you can escape from the rest of the world. Its decor should be fresh, peaceful, tranquil and relaxing, and lighting is a great way to achieve this!

The lighting in the bedroom should be soft and moody. Do you see how the designers in this example have encased soft lighting in the ceiling? This is a great way to achieve a beautiful little bedroom nook that envelopes you in its warmth.

Be a little adventurous

Remember that lighting doesn't just have to be functional. It's also a wonderful way to add stylish and trendy decor elements to a space.

In this image, we can see how the lamps next to the bed add a very edgy, modern and trendy style to the otherwise very neutral and minimalist space. Get creative!

The swimming pool

Good lighting is important for the exterior part of the home as well. In fact, lighting can enhance the entire exterior facade!

In this example, we can see how lighting has been used to illuminate the pool area and terrace at night time, creating an inviting space that is perfect for entertaining. You don't have to worry about where the children are in the garden or someone slipping in the dark if they decide to go for an evening swim. Everything is light and safe.

Don't you think that the pool also looks gorgeous?

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The home office

Whether you work from home permanently or simply after hours, the home office needs to feature functional lighting. You don't want to be straining your eyes to read a document or squinting at the computer screen.

Invest in a good desk lamp that will illuminate your desk area so that you can see everything carefully on your desk. 

It's also a good idea to invest in a good overhead light as well as some natural light if possible. Get some fresh air into the room, too!

The kid's room

We end our tour in the kid's bedroom, which is the ideal place to really have some fun when it comes to lighting.

You can pick a theme for the bedroom depending on your child's interests or favorite colors and use lighting to enhance this theme. You can also pick out colorful or animated lampshades!

Don't you love how the cloud facade has been used in this kid's bedroom to bring a soft light into the space? This is bound to make a child feel safe and cozy in their bedroom.

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