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Casa em Francelos, ABPROJECTOS ABPROJECTOS Modern Houses
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We are in beautiful Porto, one of the oldest cultural hubs of Europe and also, the second largest city in historical and now urban Portugal. The homes here are a mix of the old, the new, and the unique. The birth of unique design has happened in this country due to the cultural shift towards groundbreaking art and architecture. 

Casa Em Francelos is no different, thanks to the mediation between unique designs and grandeur that was rendered by the creatively inspired architects at Abprojectos. The sprawling villa impresses with its subtle quirkiness, open and bright charm, and the lavish use of the best materials money can buy. Get ready to explore new horizons in home design with this striking property…

A stark but stylish façade

Clean and stark lines define the façade of this home, which seems to hide many designer surprises within. 

With a level jutting out, the ground storey has been turned into a glass box of sorts that holds the main hall. The slight slants of the structure take it to a modish level, while the white hue contrasts the lushness of the green grass.

Basking in natural light

The large main hall basks in the glorious natural light that is a given here, thanks to the glass walls flanking two sides of this space. 

The walls also sit in an open hexagon with lots of scope to display many different works of art, as well as a a unique setting for the couches and love seats that will eventually occupy this space.

The white and smart kitchen

Opulence never goes out of style, and the designers have confidently followed this rule with the marble kitchen of the home. 

The gray-veined white marble meets white walls, white cabinetry and chrome fittings to make a stellar statement. The hint of rich wood on the floor breaks the monotony of white, and adds warmth.

The unusual setting of the dining area

The dining room sits in a diagonal space created by the half wall that separates it from the living room. 

This space has a certain cosy quality that would do well with a rug and some pale wood furniture in a sleek Nordic style.

The Sweeping Staircase

The designers have given the definition of the grand, sweeping staircase a whole new, straight line twist. The crisp turns of the wooden stairs make quite a style dent when set against the wooden floor and white walls.

The Simple Bedroom

Fashionable simplicity is the norm these days. So the simple closets were the first thing to catch our attention when we entered the bedroom. 

The white box-like entrance would be the perfect setting for a pair of recliners and a few potted plants—an ideal relaxation spot in the corner.

Luxuriate in the Bathroom

Gray-veined marble, white walls and glossy cabinets have turned this spacious bathroom into a rejuvenation heaven. The double sinks on the long countertop are paired with large mirrors that make the space look airier and brighter than it is.

The lavishly designed villa is evidently ready for stylish occupants who adore contemporary and slightly quirky touches. There is sufficient room for playing around with colours, textures and patterns, too. Take another home tour for more inspiration - The Modern Home of Peaceful Elegance.

What did you like the most about this minimal luxury home? Let us know in the comments!

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