9 decor ideas that will make your house style sizzle

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Higienópolis/SP, Thaisa Camargo Arquitetura e Interiores Thaisa Camargo Arquitetura e Interiores Modern Living Room Multicolored
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Décor and style – that’s all we want to achieve in our houses and make it look extraordinary. But what is it that works, how to get the balance right, what are the elements that makes the style you covet, what are the pieces to this design puzzle? So here we are ready to help you get that right décor into your home. Because when you get those right pieces of home accessories, with the right furniture and the right color scheme and the right balance in style, magic happens and your home suddenly becomes a treat to behold. 

Here are a couple of room décor tips that we have borrowed from top-shot interior designers. These should be enough to get the town talking.

Shelf Life

Consider adding a shelf to your living room. Built-in shelves save space, hold your books and other artifacts and lend the room a comfy feel. You can also purchase shelves separately and place them strategically in a room to have a dedicated space to showcase all your stuff.

Let the light in

Letting in natural light will make your room bright and happy. All you have to do is get rid of the clutter and open the windows. Decorating does not always entail adding more pieces to the room. Occasionally, all it means is a little reorganization and opening the latch on the window.

Play with the right palette

Colors can make or break the decor of a room. Light colors will always create a relaxing atmosphere in a room. If you are fond of bright colors, combine one dark shade with lighter shades to brighten up the entire space. Furniture pieces should be picked carefully to match with walls to ensure a continuity of tones.

Curtain call

Just like a room needs the right kind of furniture, a window needs the right kind of curtains. From color to fabric to the cut, everything matters. Even a pair of simple gray curtains can add character to a room. If the room has a light color scheme, go with transparent or light colored curtains.

Touch Of Nature

You do not have to be a master gardener to bring a little greenery into your home. Easy to cultivate plants such as succulents are perfect to keep around the house. Small colorful pots will transform the energy in any room. Don’t be surprised if a guest picks one up to take home!

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Never underestimate the power of a strategically placed mirror. A full-sized mirror covering an entire wall gives the illusion of more space. While decorating a small room, this might be a handy idea to keep in mind.

Colors And Lights

Light and vibrant colors are best for perking up the decor in any room. You can choose to leave the windows bare or get a beautiful lamp to illuminate parts of the room. Bright colored furniture or decor pieces serve as perfect contrasts to a room’s simple color scheme. The living room in this picture, designed by Thaisa Camargo Arquitetura e Interiores, is a perfect example. 

Personal Touch

A room that you decorate should have a connection to you and reflect your personality and style. Your favorite painting, a shelf of your favorite books, an artifact that holds meaning or a color scheme that mirrors your personality will leave your mark on the room.

Objects You Love

There is no set method to decorate a room. It is upon you to pick what you love. Eclectic and modern, a transparent vase with white twigs, or a brass bowl are just two examples of unique decor pieces. The idea is to pay attention to the details and how everything comes together.

We hope you were inspired to come up with room decor that is unique, stylish and welcoming.

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Which idea inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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