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A small home full of rustic charm

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YUSO Classic style houses
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If you think that a vibrant and busy home design scheme would end up overwhelming the senses too much, then this Venezuelan retreat is a must see! The pleasing cacophony of rustic character and the abundance of everyday comfort are what define this home in a simple way with much warmth. Casa 3-64 in Caracas, the commercially, culturally, and architecturally rich capital of Venezuela, impresses us with its chic simplicity and subtly lavish touches. So let’s take a closer look at this lovely creation by Yuso, a group of innovative architects.

A play of textures for the façade

While you must have heard of colour play for facades, the use of varied tiles to create a defining design scheme is something quite unique. The different kinds of tiles used here bring out the rustic appeal of the retreat. The home’s approach has beige flagstones and terracotta squares set in an old school pattern, while exposed bricks in soft brown make up one side of the façade. A yellow wall pops into the scheme of things with its cheery hue.

Sunny yellow and industrial touches

A traffic-stopping effect has been achieved here with the clever union of black and yellow. As we take in the lush green grounds, we round a corner to find this buttery yellow semi-open structure. This also leads directly into the interiors of the home and creates an uncluttered vibe.

A long, light corridor

The corridor plays an important role in ushering in the natural light inside the residence. It is on one side and runs along the length of the home, with its square arches and the greenery beyond. The living quarters are positioned in a straight line on the other side, with natural brick finish walls offering precious segregation. The ceiling wows with a warm, wooden touch!

A rustic lounge

The living room is an expansive space with a generous workstation tucked into a brick alcove. Books line the shelves in this area and a hammock hangs on the opposite side, promising pure leisure. In between, royal blue couches and cushions beckon you to relax and pick your mode of entertainment. The wooden ceiling above has a soothing effect.

Everyday comforts

We love how the odds and ends of everyday conveniences have been kept alive and thriving in this space. This makes it a family-oriented room with lots of scope for work, play and relaxation. A quirky lamp, reclining chairs with woven backs, tall windows lining the wall and pillars scattered here and there – the sheer comfort of this home is evident in these touches.

This dwelling emanates a comfortable feel with the use of vibrant and rustic elements like stone, wood, brick and even the tapestry and pieces of furniture. Hungry for more inspiration? Here is another home tour to treat you further: A contemporary ergonomic abode.

What do you think of this bright and eclectic home?

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