The Quaint White House Of Charm And Comfort

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Tucked away amidst the glorious mountains of the hilly island of Olesa De Montserrat in Buenos Aires, this unique wooden cabin designed by the home builders at House Habitat is a visual delight. 

The scenic views around the property set the perfect backdrop for the pristine and inviting wooden home and its cosy, homely interiors. A mix of glass, wood, stone as well as the incorporation of intriguing textures and hues has made this refreshing residence an object of instant attraction. The designs and decor accents are utilitarian as well as extremely relaxing. Take a tour with us and find out more!

Sunny disposition: the façade

The façade offers a patch of happiness, with its white palette ready to match the wispy clouds swirling around in the sky above. 

The wooden pillars supporting the shed of the patio also give it a countryside feel, as the grey shingles add an urban touch to the simple log cabin structure. The fence contributes to the idyllic setting, while the outdoor seating promises endless leisurely hours in the sun.

Touched by white light in the living room

The living room seems to shine under a design spotlight of its own, thanks to the shining walls and plush tapestries that have come together to do up this space. 

Decorating a space in white is a whole other design school in itself, as this room powerfully displays with its own example. The black metal fireplace and colourful accents, like the throw and softly patterned cushions, make the room appear cosy and chic at the same time.

Homely vibe in the kitchen

The kitchen has a white theme with a solid wooden farmhouse-style table in the centre. The rest of the space features modern chrome appliances that stand out when set against the white canvas. 

The openness of this space and the homely touches, like the potted herbs and vintage style crockery, makes the kitchen extra warm and inviting.

The twists and turns of the staircase

You know you are somewhere in the enticing countryside when you get to relax in rattan loungers like these. Rattan is a common country touch that you can find both inside and outside this property. 

The quaint lines, wooden planks and gradual turns of the simple and sleek staircase complement the hues of the rattan furniture beautifully.

A cheery and playful bedroom

This bedroom has a quaint and rustic appeal, thanks to the patchwork quilt on the bed. Further, the net canopy with the colourful bunting adds a timeless vibe, which makes the whole room a mesmerising one along with the classic white furniture pieces. 

The brightly patterned cushions, the bedspread and of course the vibrant quilt add fun to the atmosphere of this kooky den.

Classic luxury in the bathroom

An old-school white bureau with a sunken bowl for the sink, and the large globular lights above the pretty round mirror, make for a classic and lovely bathroom. The grey stone finish tiles lining the walls and the ultramodern fixtures make this space luxurious, too. A bunch of flowers in a homely vase add a subtle dose of freshness.

This log cabin home impresses us with its idyllic setting, cosy and stylish interiors and blending of interesting textures and colours. If you are looking for more ideas still, take a look at another home tour - The House that Dared to Dream

What was your favorite room in this forward-thinking farmhouse? Let us know in the comments below!

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