Home design: 7 ideas for an unique dining room

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Your dining room or dining space (for those who have a home with open plan layout) is not just centred round a table and couple of chairs. It is the melting pot for the different yet closely bonded individuals in your family or circle of friends. It is that special nook in your abode where you sit down for a hearty meal and exchange your thoughts, hopes and desires with your loved ones. 

Undoubtedly, your dining area deserves sufficient attention both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. So here we have collated some intriguing and appealing dining room ideas which you can incorporate in your own project and witness the magic it lends to your house.

1. Countryside beauty

The quaint and distinctly vintage dining table set is definitely the showstopper of this countryside farmhouse. White and glass contribute to the soft and sophisticated elegance of the dining area, and go well with the earthy atmosphere. The large stone tiles on the floor, the abundance of unpolished wood, and exposed brick walls seem to engulf the dining table and chairs with old world magic.

2. The “stony” touch

Rusticity and contemporary charm have come together in this spacious dining area, with a large roughly hewn wooden table breaking the predominance of grey and white. The stone-lined feature wall is naturally the focal point, while flowing drapes add a hint of enchantment.

3. Solid and elegant

The simplicity of the long wooden dining table has been matched nicely by the creamy whiteness of the modern chairs. Other wooden and white touches pervading this space also complement the dining unit wonderfully well. The pair of chic pendant lights cast a soothing glow over the entire space.

4. Kitchen confidential

Cosy and quaint are the words which aptly describe the look of this dining area which closely adjoins the open kitchen. The rustically inspired table is accompanied by an L-shaped couch and peppy chairs crafted from sturdy wired metal. The sunny yellow seats and the patterned cushions add dollops of fun and zest to the area.

5. Mismatching is in

Rendered by Baas Kleinbloeseminterior designers and decorators from Eindhoven, this dining space is quirky, fun and highly individualistic. Note how mismatching chairs in different materials have been gathered around the quaint round table for a striking visual impact. An intricately patterned carpet grounds the whole look, while a leafy arrangement and dainty lighting add to the understated beauty of this room.

6. Show us some colour

When it comes to dining tables, the traditional wooden hue is not the only one that breaks the ice. Other tasteful colours can do wonders too. For instance, in this dining area, the bold magenta table top perfectly complements the interior shade of the quirky kitchen. Coupled with rich wooden tones, it enhances the modern yet regal appearance of the space.

7. A blend of ideas and textures

One look at this dining arrangement shows how varying ideas and textures can be combined to create an interesting final result. Positioned cleverly near a large, well-lit window, the table is made of roughly hewn wood and solid stainless steel. It holds quirky artifacts and dainty floral arrangements, which lend a hint of freshness to the room. The organic jute carpet, the fashionable steel and leather chairs, and a uniquely adorned feature wall take this dining space to a whole new level.

Are you now all geared up to give your boring and commonplace dining room a stunning twist? Derive inspiration from the ideas shared above or consult an interior designer or decorator before you get started. Here’s another story that might pique your interest - 9 colorful and energetic bathrooms!

Which of these dining rooms inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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