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A modern-day fairytale home

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DENOLDERVLEUGELS Architects & Associates Country style house
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What happens when a simple farmhouse inherits a dose of high design values? The answer lies in this home in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Known as an education and cultural hub, this town has many posh neighbourhoods tucked away in verdant natural nooks. The Landelijke Rietgedekte Villa Naarden is one such example where a farmhouse met sophistication for a crisp and rustically lavish result. Replete with different materials and textures like wood, glass, stone and cane, the villa is an earthy retreat which promises peace and quiet, away from the din of city life. So come and take a look at this quaint masterpiece from Denoldervleugels Architects and Associates!

Greenery for a lush touch

Well-trimmed hedges and a lawn that speaks of high outdoor pleasures – that is the beauty of the well manicured acreage here. From this vantage point, one can easily make out the farmhouse-style setting of the home’s elements. The top floor has been partly done up in wood, which exudes a barn-style feel, while the rest of the building is a more sophisticated white with glass windows. From here, you can also admire the gravelly driveway and the stone pathways surrounding the property.

A country theme

Standing straight on, the façade of the home impresses you with its country theme and white and hay colour combination. On closer inspection, you will notice the sheer symmetry of the tiered structure and slanted rooftops. Not only are they arranged with precision on both sides, but they are also well defined and have understated style that might remind you of opulent, Mediterranean-style villas.

Sizeable terrace

The backyard is filled with myriad delights including the rattan and leather couches and dining area that makes for pleasant summer evenings. A slight touch of wilderness has been left intact with the untamed trees and lush shrubbery to ensure that a more natural feel is retained by this urban barn. The glass doors one can see here lead into the dining room.

Modern elements

The part of the house close to the outdoor dining area shows off an industrial edge with the heavy metal frames holding one side of the home aloft. The same material has been used for the frames of the doors and windows. Hardwood flooring and glass makes this a chic space too.

The family-style dining room

The dining room here is a modern yet rustic space with classic touches. The large raw wooden dining table runs down the centre and matches the grain and hue of the floor, while plush upholstered chairs sit around it. The wooden ceiling beams slant overhead while the large glass doors lead you to the patio and backyard. A white cottage-style cabinet on the right adds a charming and vintage touch to the dining space. On the left, the study and living room beckon.

Layered with wood

Staying true to its farmhouse roots, the staircase of the home is a linear spiral of pale wooden planks that stand solidly in place. Artwork dots the landings which are amply illuminated by the natural light flooding through the glass windows.

This home is a stylish, comfy and subtly opulent urban farmhouse that presents an eclectic style with charming country-like details. Ensconced in nature, it offers sheer respite from urban noise and bustle. If you are still looking for more ideas, here’s another tour you're sure to enjoy: The House of Moriyama.

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