Stark Simplicity in a Modern Japanese Home

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革工房の音色, 風景のある家.LLC 風景のある家.LLC Modern Houses Iron/Steel White
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Every now and then, there comes a design challenge that an interior master can't help wanting to get their hands on. That is exactly what has happened with this home. Set in the middle of an austere and sweeping landscape in Okayama Prefecture in Japan, this home takes inspiration from its stark surroundings to celebrate simplicity and minimalistic modernism. Landscape with House.LLC, a group of creative architects, have rendered the abode with a stunning long white exterior and cosy, warm interiors. Take the tour with us to watch what style surprises are waiting for you!

A Block of Ice for the Façade

Standing amidst scrubs and dim dusk lighting, the façade of this home looks like it is carved out a block of ice. The designers have completely done away with any flourishes, and created something that resonates with the simplicity around it. The home’s beauty lies in the unhindered sheet of white that lines the façade.

An Impressive Length

The narrow strip that this house resembles is a design dream come true in terms of minimalism. It gives the designers the leeway to play with areas in one straight line, and ensures unique visual interest as you regard the home from any angle. The golden light emanating from the windows and doors add a whimsical look to the white shell of the home.

A Playful Vibe Within

The simple inverted T shaped beams and the lights shining on them are the first thing to catch the eye. The narrow striped rug with the raw texture pays homage to the sleek dimensions of the home, and the light wooden walls are the perfect canvas for Nordic style furniture that this part of the world is famous for. The bright stripes on the rug and the dark shades on the couches make the living space vibrant, even as the simple layout plays the leading role.

A Sunny, Airy Nook

The residence features a spacious and glossy courtyard, which can be viewed from the dining area through large glass sliding doors. It opens up to the sun and is a perfect spot for relaxing with a cuppa or chatting in the evening with loved ones. It also ensures ample ventilation of the abode when the glass doors on either side are left open.

The Simple but Inviting Dining Space

A round table accompanied by four simple but stylish chairs offer dining pleasures while you enjoy some soothing breeze and sunny warmth from the courtyard. A trio of wooden stools and a striped rug sits close by.

A Different View

Here is a look at the home’s interiors from the courtyard, after the sun goes down. The soothing indoor lights encase the beige and white courtyard with their soft glow too. And you also get to admire the abode’s simple lines, angles and slopes from here.

The designers have created a unique warehouse-like appeal for this Japanese home on the outside, while the insides dazzle us with their straightforward lines, openness, and aesthetic use of wood, glass and concrete. Here is another home tour to inspire you further: The House of 13 Windows.

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