Dream house: A traditional home with 8 surprises

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Residência Pruner, ArchDesign STUDIO ArchDesign STUDIO Rustic style house
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Set in an opulent neighborhood with the backdrop of towering trees and open green expansions, this home is an urban stunner with dollops of magic countryside. It exudes the warm glow of wood, classiness of clear glazing and charmingly illuminated landscaping. Inside, the abode is a medley of various materials, textures, colors and exclusive design ideas. 

Each room presents a dash of surprise and inspiration. Located in the Brazilian city of Florianopolis, this charming home offers a peaceful respite from the thriving night life and urban fun that the city offers its visitors. Come and explore Residence Pruner designed by the visionary architects at Studio Archdesign, and discover what the power of imagination can achieve.

An inviting facade

Wood, glass and concrete have come together to create the home, which impresses us with its lines, angles and textures. 

Countryside appeal has been subtly blended with modernism to achieve this sleek yet earthy effect. The landscape is magically lighted to create an air of mystery.

Lofty ideals

The high and pointy ceiling laden with the richness of wood is undoubtedly the focal point of this main hall. 

It looks upon an expansive living area and a sensuously winding staircase in wood which leads to the mezzanine floor. The glossy marble floor naturally enhances the grandeur of the space .

Organic touch in the living room

The cozy and charming living room, with its wooden ceiling and plush seating, is as welcoming as it can get. 

Note how the section of the wall above the fireplace is lined with uneven stones for a rugged, rustic and earthy effect. Lush potted plants add to the organic feel of this area, while the soft rug promises sheer comfort.

Wooden wonders for the dining room

What we love in this dining area is the contemporary dining table,  a solid wooden affair flaunting delicate prints and a wrap-around surface. The striped wooden panel housing the television and the slim open shelves is also a fashionable touch. 

Potted greens, quaint artworks, and industrially inspired white pendant lamps add to the liveliness of the space.

A retro kitchen

It goes without saying that the retro-style chairs steal the show in this trendy and functional kitchen. They also add pops of colours and patterns to the otherwise simple layout and white cabinets and counters.

Fun accents in the bedroom

The bedroom is a simple yet luxurious space that has a comfortable bed and a mirrored closet that helps in making the space look even larger. 

The wall-mounted shelves designed like waves add a hint of quirky fun to the room.

What the mezzanine offers

As you can see, the mezzanine is adequately lit during the day and is a cozy nook rendered with rich natural wood. It is the perfect place to get down to work, or to enjoy some “me time”. 

A long wall-mounted desk accompanied by a comfy chair and a couple of shelves serve as the workstation where the occupants can brainstorm in peace.

A bathroom with a difference

The bathroom has made use of earthy brown hues and white in an ingenious manner. While large dark brown tiles line the wall behind the tub, striped wooden accents draw the eye on the right. 

Sleek sanitary wares, along with smart storage hacks and large sunny windows, make this bathroom an ideal spot for unwinding after a long day.

The WOW pool

The pool in the backyard is a chic affair with its quirky, curvy shape. Edged with brown and white tiles, it beckons with the shimmering goodness of its clear blue waters. Pitted against the whiteness of the exterior walls, it reminds us of sunny beach vacations and refreshing tropical getaways.

Hope you loved this home tour as much as we did. This villa is not just a dream crafted from earthy yet modish luxury, it promises functionality with class. Take another tour if you are still looking for more ideas - The Invisible House from Another Dimension

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