Before and After: Old Home to Cover Star!

Leigh Leigh
Umbau Reiheneinfamileinhaus Zürich, Beat Nievergelt GmbH Architekt Beat Nievergelt GmbH Architekt Living room
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Sometimes when you go away for the weekend, perhaps to a more rustic country house that is a bit run down, it's charming and refreshing. You may find the outdated furniture, chipped tiles and out of fashion decor quaint, but you'd never want it for your own home.

In a case like this, the only possible solution is a careful renovation!

This is exactly what happened here with this 1930's house that was frozen in the past. Design professionals Beat Nievergelt GmbH Architekt intervened, giving this home a second chance at a modern and dazzling life.

Before: A kitchen without grace

Before the expert intervention, the kitchen was dreary and dated, completely out of fashion and totally old-school.

The doors should be solid, but instead they look they are simply covered with a sheet of wood. The aluminium used throughout this space makes it look very cold and unwelcoming, just like the rest of the interior design.

The white tiles on the wall also give the impression of an anti-septic space without any style.

After: a designer kitchen

If you take a look at this, it's impossible to see that this is the same environment that we saw in the previous image, is it not?

Now the space is bright, modern and has a unique style.

The small kitchen has been opened up so that it flows into the living room, creating a more social and interactive space. White is the main color here, working in harmony with the parquet wooden flooring, which creates an elegant and minimalist atmosphere.

Before: A creepy dining room

If we go back in time again, we can see what the dining room used to look like and we have to admit, it is a very sad and depressing atmosphere.

There are so many elements thrown together that nothing works in harmony. The dolls hanging from the ceiling are also very disturbing… doesn't this look like a scene out of a horror movie?

After: Delightful open plan

During the renovation, the dining room was incorporated into the large open plan design, which encompasses the entire living area.

The chic dining room table and stylish chairs take up a space in the open plan design, but still allow the family to chat to the chef in the kitchen. The kitchen is characterized by modern lines.

Don't you love how the designers have included a subtle touch of color in the form of the dining room chairs?

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Before: Dark and twisty stairs

Although stairs may seem to simply be functional elements in the house, they are incredibly important not only for the structure of the house but the design and decor style too.

Looking at this picture, we can see just how dark and outdated this home and its structure truly is. The colors are wrong and are too dark for such a small space. There is also no light flowing through this shady stairwell.

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After: Spacious and light

Now this is our kind of staircase: beautiful, modern and bright!

For starters, the stairs were replaced with a lighter wood. The dark walls have disappeared and given way to white walls and the black finishes have been removed. Now everything looks that much lighter and more cheerful.

Before: The attic of horrors

Finally we come to the attic—a place that has been forgotten by everyone.

It seems to be more than an attic. In fact, it looks like it has become a warehouse where all sorts of machines and exercise equipment is stored. This is not a healthy way to live, nor a valuable way to use the attic space.

A change is needed!

After: A friendly space

While it used to be disorganized and chaotic, the attic has now been transformed into a pretty room that is as functional as it is elegant.

Cupboards have been installed in this space, providing smart storage solutions for any wires, tubes or machines. This keeps them neatly out of sight!

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Would you live in this home now?

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