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With an area of 100 square metres, the prefabricated house we are about to explore today is situated in the beautiful city of Coruna in Spain. The city is rich in history, yet exhibits a strong inclination towards modernism which can be felt once we tour the Cube House. The home builders at Casas Cube have created and assembled this abode with a stylish minimalism and precise measurements in just a matter of days!

As you might be aware, the components of prefabricated homes are built in factories and then put together on the specified site. They can be customised as per the owner’s wish and can be designed and decorated with ample style. The Cube House, too, is no different. It sports a simple, linear structure with oodles of openness, has scope for functionality and focuses on comfort. The colours and textures add to the beauty of the home too. So come, let's take a closer look…

A pleasant shady deck

The deck and backyard exude a casual feel, replete with cosy woven furniture and with the dining room right behind. The slim steps sitting on the grass remind you of the precise and simple way in which this home has been manufactured and laid. A tiered shade makes it all super stylish.

An intriguing façade and porch

Set in a quiet neighbourhood, this home dances to the tune of minimalism with elements used accordingly. The wooden slats have been used in varying widths to create a ridged façade while the porch stands in a slim corner with two columns on either side. The brown and white hues of the wood and the windows meet their worthy match in the beige stone texture of the wall, giving the home a trendy, eclectic vibe.

Simple, timeless design

The green grounds beckon us as we take a walk around the compact home. As we round a corner, we find ourselves looking at the white stone finish with a beige vein running through it. The effect is soothing as it offers a fitting contrast to the porch. The large draped glass windows here belong to the living room.

The open dining room

The dining room and the main hall are equipped with glass windows set in classic white frames. As a result, the greenery plays peek-a-boo with your senses as you sit down for a relaxed meal amidst the monochrome surroundings with modern furniture.

Compact kitchen

Set in a compact corner of the home, the L-shaped kitchen has modular cabinets and chrome appliances. It has a well-stocked look with plenty of counter space.

Sunny shades and vibrant hues

The white bedroom and its soothing environs get a playful touch thanks to the retro-style yellow couch that sits near a window. The wall-to-wall closet on one side bears sliding doors with a smooth finish.

This prefabricated home has used the best materials to create a lightweight, easy-to-assemble structure with robust design values. Surrounded by lush natural beauty, it is an ideal space for urban living! Here’s another home tour to inspire you further: The House of Moriyama.

Has this prefabricated home inspired you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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